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Loki - Do not disturb...

Mixed media (colored pencil, marker, multiliner, gel pen) drawing of my favorite high resolution Loki picture. I chose this picture, because I wanted to draw as much details as possible. I'm happy with the result (even though my scanner destroyed a few details), but my hand feels like it's going to "fall off" right now... TAKE IT AWAAAAY

Reference was a promo picture of Tom Hiddleston as Loki from the movie Thor The Dark World (2013).

Paper DIN A4 (= 29,7cm x 21cm) 190g/m²;
>85% Faber-Castell Polychromos artists' colour pencils, Copic Ciao marker, Copic Multiliner SP 0.03, uni-ball Signo pigment ink um-153 white;
time: >32h

Please don't upload my pictures somewhere else without my permission. Don't infringe copyright!

Here some other traditional Loki drawings:
Avengers - Loki and The Other by QuelchiiLoki in Prison by QuelchiiLoki - King of Asgard by QuelchiiLoki - God of Mischief (colour pencils) by Quelchii
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This is one of my favorite images. He just looks so annoyed to have been disturbed. You captured it perfectly!

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Wow came across Loki randomly and saw how much detail you put into this. Great work!

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Woah!! Amazing!Heart 
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This is absolutely stunning!! Great job! :)
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wowwwww...amazing...How could you draw this great. So wow...
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I wonder what he is reading.  I also wonder where in his childhood he was assigned the color green, while Thor is aligned with red. Green means Slytherin too, so that is fine with me.  :D
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Probably Shakespeare! :D
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You are beyond gifted and talented. If I figure out how exactly to explain it, I will let you know.
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Thank you! Ok! :D
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So, this is how far back I’ll be commenting ;)


Loki, of course. I always liked this scene, and I like that you chose it for a drawing.

One thing I think you’re especially good at and I’ve commented on it before is hands. I think they are a bit difficult to get good as there are so many small details and sharp contrasts between shadow and highlights. You’ve done well again in this drawing.

The only thing that you might have wanted to change - as I believe you followed the reference you used completely – is to leave out whatever the white thing above his head is. As it’s almost out of frame it could have been ignored, and the whole area filled with black.

Not that it matters much, the rest of the image is so good that I had to really spend time thinking about something to criticize to find it ;)

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Thank you very much! :bow:
Small details are always my favourite part to draw!^^
Yes, I followed the reference completely and that white thing was part of the wall.
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Thanks! It's possible with a lot of patience. ;)
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Wow ... I'm speckless for a moment I tho it was a picture then I clicked it nope It a drawing. Mind blown 
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Thank you very much! :bow:
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