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Death (drawing)

Traditional drawing of Death (Supernatural). I just had to draw him, because he's one of my favourite characters (This may sound strange for anyone who doesn't watch SPN...) and Julian Richings portrayal of Death is just amazing. I watched a lot movies and tv shows and he also has the best character introduction scene I've ever seen (it's just perfect: camera, slow motion, song, pale horse/car, one way road sign and the moral XD):

I wanted to do a colored portrait, but didn't want to use too much color for Death, so I also tried something new and only used warm gray for the marker base layer of his skin (instead of skin color markers). So the color only results from the colored pencils.

Reference was a screencap of Julian Richings as Death from the TV show "Supernatural" (episode 5x21 - Two Minutes to Midnight).

Paper DIN A4 190g/m²; Faber-Castell Polychromos artists' colour pencils, Copic Ciao and Sketch marker; time: ~20 hours

Please don't upload my pictures somewhere else without my permission. Don't infringe copyright!

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Hi! I joined Deviantart only very recently, and immediately your art stood out to me. I am impressed with all your work and have favourited a bunch of your deviations, most featuring Loki because, you know, just because Loki. But I think, for some reason, this is in my opinion the best of all the drawings I've seen of yours. I'm afraid I'm not much of an art critic, so I can't say exactly why. I've never even seen Supernatural, so I don't know the character, but you clearly have captured him perfectly: that is a living (no pun intended) person I see there. This drawing is just absolutely gorgeous and flawless and also strangely touching, which I think has to do with the very subtle colouration and the subject's posture... I don't know, but I am in awe!

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Thank you very much! I'm glad that you like my drawings! :huggle: Sadly I'm not that active on Deviantart anymore. I moved on to Instagram. That's why I didn't post my more recent drawings here on Deviantart so far and I'm not sure if I'm going to post them here one day (everything takes so much time)... :cries:

Ah, I see another compelling reason to join Instagram! Although I fear it would be too distracting for me to have such an account. SoMe already tends to be a time stealer for me. But glad to hear you're still active!

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Yes, I tried to avoid Instagram for many years, but it seems to be good for artists (but I still try to be a bit active on my Deviantart account).

Your're right. Instagram is pretty time consuming... ^^;

I clicked on this going "no, no way, that CANNOT be a drawing..." lo and behold, it is. GOOD LORD, THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!

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If you were around 100 years ago they wouldn't have needed to invent cameras:D This drawing is amazing:)

I love the softness in this drawing. Great work as always! :)
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oh my god i can´believe how good that is!!
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Thank you! It's one of my favourite drawings so far! :squee:
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Thats a drawing?!?!?!?!?!
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Yes, that's a traditional drawing! And one of my favorites so far! :)
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Holy crap its amazing!
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*when you realize one of your fav artists is a supernatural fan* 
-fanboy moment intensified- :iconmonkeyloveplz:
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That is absolutely amazing! I thought it was a photo as first!

(Death was brilliant, he had the coolest entrance :-) )
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Thank you! :)

(I agree!)
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The fabric!!! It. . . . It. . . It's not Photoshop!?
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Thanks!^^ It's probably the smoothest stuff I've ever drawn (marker + pencil "powder").
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