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Carnivorous Plants of Australia (drawing)

Traditional mixed media drawing of the carnivorous plant Cephalotus follicularis (Albany pitcher plant). Cephalotus is one of my favorite carnivorous plants and it was amazing to see it in habitat (near Walpole, Western Australia) for the first time. We had GPS coordinates and suddenly we were standing at a cliff (plants were growing at the bottom, 10 meters below...), but luckily we found an easier way to reach the plants (took us 2 hours) so that I could take some pictures. :) This has always been one of my favorite photos and I've always been afraid of drawing it (blurred + messy details)... but as I always say: "I like challenges!". ;)

For this drawing I used the Hahnemühle watercolour paper for the first time. Why I didn't use my usual mixed media paper: 1. I wanted to blend as many marker colours as possible (for example for the blurred parts) and 2. it was easier to draw grainy parts, because the paper isn't that smooth (but I admit that I used the back of the paper! The front was way too grainy and had much more structure). It was fun and the marker colours were easy to blend! Maybe next time I'll use it for watercolours (or another mixed media drawing with markers).

Reference picture of Cephalotus follicularis plants (Western Australia, September 2011) by me.

Hahnemühle Cornwall Watercolour paper bright white matt 24x32cm (cut to DIN A4) 450g/m² (size of the drawing = 23,3cm x 16cm); Faber-Castell Polychromos artists' colour pencils, Copic Ciao and Sketch marker, uni-ball Signo pigment ink um-153 white; time: 20 hours

Please don't upload my pictures somewhere else without my permission. Don't infringe copyright!

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Download: WIP photo and high resolution (4x) scan.

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suki42deathlake's avatar
gorgeous piece! ^^ 
amanda4quah's avatar
Sometimes when I see your initials N.R., I think that Natasha Romanoff drew this :lol:
Quelchii's avatar
Lol! I never noticed that! :rofl
sathom's avatar
Wow! This looks really photorealistic. Actually I feel the way the plants blur towards the background enhances, or even creates this effect in the first place. I think you solved this brilliantly, considering the 'messiness' of the actual reference you mention ... by taking advantage of it. :)
Quelchii's avatar
Vielen lieben Dank! :hug:
Woodswallow's avatar
Geniale Arbeit, wirklich ein Sahnestück!! An soetwas würde ich mich nicht herantrauen, du hast es perfekt umgesetzt, ich bin beeindruckt :)
Quelchii's avatar
Vielen Dank! :D Ich wollte mich auch erst nicht herantrauen (viele Details + alles verschwommen). Diese Befürchtung wurde dann während des Zeichnens bestätigt, doch am Ende war ich froh, dass ich es geschafft habe!^^
Woodswallow's avatar
Das glaub ich gern ^^
LoLo-is-SeaDoo-ing's avatar
I really need to buy some carnivorous plants and put them all over my room. Not only are they pretty, but they'll help me catch all these little flies that I can't seem to get rid of :shakefist:

Love the texture and the fuzz on the plants :meow:
Quelchii's avatar
Lol! Hazards of Ecology Drosera capensis is a good plant for beginners, by the way!

Thank you! :meow:
LoLo-is-SeaDoo-ing's avatar
That's good to know, note taken, thanks for the tip! :D

And you're welcome ;)
Quelchii's avatar
You're welcome! :D
Denish-C's avatar
Beautifully done!
Quelchii's avatar
Ashreila's avatar
Hard to believe this is a drawing. Had you not mentioned it I would have you'd posted a photograph.
Quelchii's avatar
Thank you very much! :)
TigerRose1329's avatar
It looks like it's got bloody fangs!
Quelchii's avatar
Lol! If you would look into a pitcher the peristome would look even more like fangs! :D
TigerRose1329's avatar
You're right, those do look like fangs! I'd hate to be a bug trapped in one of those plants!
Quelchii's avatar
There's just no escape! :D
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