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Captain America sketch card

The third sketch card of my Avengers series. I found no promo picture of Captain America without his mask, so I used another picture. I don't know what my scanner did to the blue parts (looks weird and the colour is wrong)! I just hate my scanner...

Reference was a picture (screencap?) of Chris Evans as Steve Rodgers / Captain America from "The Avengers" (2012).

Winsor & Newton Extra Smooth Bristol paper (2,5"x3,5" = 6,35cm x 8,9cm) 250g/m²,
- Faber-Castell pencils HB + Faber-Castell Perfection 7057,
- Faber-Castell Polychromos artists' colour pencils,
- Copic Ciao,
- Copic Multiliner SP 0.03
- Edding 1800 profipen 0.1, 0.3, 0.5
- (Faber-Castell) uni-ball Signo pigment ink um-153 white
time: ~5h?

Please don't upload my pictures somewhere else without my permission. Don't infringe copyright!

Here some other sketch cards:
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Totally awesome!
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No problem!😁 It's the least I can do.
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*incoherent squees if joy* Sssssoooo AWESOME!!!!
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Can I hug you for this?
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Found him! :D How comes I didn't do it earlier? :D
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Oh right... I forgot that I've drawn a sketch card size drawing of him. ;) Until the second Captain America movie he was my least favourite Avengers... :innocentwhistle:
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He's my favourite since almost beginning. It was hard, because I love Sebastian Stan since years ago I saw him as the Mad Hatter in Once Upon a Time and the moment I saw him in The First Avenger I hardly noticed Chris :D
But after my usual shock (always my favourites die, I have really bad luck), before I saw Avengers I already had a thing for Steve Rogers ;) It always happens this way: if I'm not amazed by someone and with time I notice he's great - the feeling gets enormous and eternal ;)
Oh, I'm so twisted :D :crazy: 
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I don't know why, but I hated the first Cap movie. Then I saw Avengers and didn't like him. But when I saw his second movie I like him a better. :) I still prefer Bucky. Is it weird that I fall for the villains almost every time? ^^;
Sometimes it's strange. I still don't know how I became a Loki fan. I watched Thor on a flight to Australia and thought: "It was ok... maybe I should watch it again." Maybe it was also because this was the first time that I didn't notice who's going to be the bad guy in the movie (I didn't know Thor or the MCU, I just saw Iron Man and Hulk and thought that these are seperate movies) and some other factors. Then I saw the Avengers Trailer and I was like: Yeah, Loki is not dead (later I found out about the after credit scenes)! :la:
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I noticed all normal girls fall for villains :D I always fall for the ones who will die (without knowing they will, of course :D ) and the crystal good guys, seen by others as totally boring (well, not for me :D ).
I didn't see Hulk, but I saw other films from this series and I loved all the main characters :D Including Loki - I've heard about him long before I saw Thor and many of my friends loved him and I had some spoilers (I don't mind :) ) that he was a villain. But I still liked him, though I usually don't like villains :) (I also loved Voctor van Doom, but it was because I love McMahon ;) ). I watched Fantastic Four when I already started admiring Captain, so I was getting quite crazy while watching - I consider Ioan Gruffudd as the most perfect man I've ever seen :heart: :D and there were also Chris and Julian :sickscream:
I knew about the credit scenes only because my Brother kept on telling me about them (I always watch everything with delay, I caught only Dark Shadows, Lone Ranger and Guardians of the Galaxy when it was fresh in cinemas :D ).

Oh, and I think Bucky isn't really a villain, he was good and then brainwashed ;) So I say: not his fault - and Steve knows that :D
But if I was one of them - I'd be Coulson :D I'd have cards with Captain and I'd be watching him as he'd sleep :D (but I wouldn't tell him :P ). Ok, I guess it's too late to get so excited - I won't fall asleep later ;)
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Julian McMahon! :heart:
I didn't like Chris Evans as Human Torch... He was sometimes very annoying! Wink/Razz

I just love to go to cinema and I always try to watch the Marvel movies on the first day of release! La la la la I'm really looking forward to Avengers 2, but it doesn't look good for Cap, because of the broken shield. :o (Eek) And Thor was next to Cap's shield on the floor. Noo!!! He's my second favourite character of the MCU! :crying: rvmp

Yes, that's true. He was brainwashed. It was not his fault, but he was some kind of villain for more than 50 years.
Captain America emote static
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Yeah, Bucky was kind of a killer villain :D

I've heard that in a comic book Civil War it ends really bad for Steve ;( Tony kills him in the end :(
I just don't agree!!! :( He can't die! Why all my favourites die?
We could say Bucky also died, but thanks to experiments they saved him and brought him back.
Coulson could be brought back - I hope they will bring back anyone they will kill.

Thor is a little like another fairytale :D He sees our world from a different perspective - it's very funny :)
And I like films with him - they are somehow optimistic :) (at least for me :) ).
To tell the truth, the First Avenger was very sad and so was Winter Soldier, I don't know which one more.

And Avengers :heart: :) I loved whole film, especially scenes with Thor :D And fights between Asgardians and Hulk :D

Lately I repeated watching Avengers' films and I feel tonight it's time for Thor 2 :D Especially since I'm stressed about coming back at university after a long illness - I need something positive :) And I'll be probably doodling in the meantime :)

I finished all films before Guardians of the Galaxy premiere, so I kept on telling my Brother and Cousin that we should go as soon as possible :D So right after coming back to our university city (in my home town we don't have a cinema any more) we went :)
And I will go immediately to see the Age of Ultron.

Thor Emote Captain America :shakeloki:  WIP I Am Groot Hawkeye Welcome PLZ 
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Yes. I heard that, too. Maybe Steve is going to die and then Bucky will replace him as Cap! ;)
They can't bring all the dead characters back. It's getting more and more ridiculous. Loki 2x, Thor, Nick Fury, Bucky, Groot, Coulson,... they all died and came back!? Only the other villains and Frigga stay dead (I still hope that "The Other" will return... Alexis Denisof!!! :sad: ).
Thor: Ragnarok doesn't sound better by the ay. In this story line everyone can die (Thor, Loki,...)! I really hope it's true that Loki will return in Avengers Infinity War Part 1&2. I've heard that it is already confirmed. Hope dies last. Wink/Razz

I especially like the Thor movies and Avengers (+ Guardians of the Galaxy), because I prefer it when movies don't take place on earth and/or have something mythological/magical.
Winter Soldier was also very good (I love it that all the movies are connected :heart:). I almost cried at the end!

I hope that I can go to the German premiere of Avengers 2 in Berlin and I'll try to get some autographs. This is going to be fun! :D (Big Grin) I was at the premiere of Thor 2 and thought that the fangirls are going to squash me. That was pretty scary. :o (Eek)  But it was worth it. Too bad that I started to draw a few months later...
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ermahgerd X3 this is so awesome!! :squee:
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Amazing. Such a spot-on likeness. :)
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Thank you! La la la la 
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omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why are all your pitures so perfect?
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Thanks! Hmm. When I take a look in my gallery I can't see a perfect picture... I see always flaws. So I'm just a perfectionist! :D
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