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Nephfei Inhabitants (species guide)



This is a companion guide to Nephfei and spinxyn!
Please check out the group if you haven't yet:


NOTE: these are all species that stem from existing mythological creatures. Yes, they are centaurs, harpies, and mermaids, and of course anyone can make centaur, harpy, and mermaid characters! 
Centicorns, harpips, and merphins are simply subspecies of those mythological counterparts, that i am developing for a world / community! please understand this, thank you!!!
It's also completely fine to have characters that are normal centaurs, harpies, or mermaids that resemble these designs: it's the lore behind these subspecies and their involvement in Nephfei that set them apart.

Centicorns, Harpips, and Merphins are all OPEN SPECIES!
Anyone is welcome to make characters of them!

However, there are some base rules to follow:

  • You may make as many characters of these species as you'd like, but you may not create adoptables of them. It is okay, however, for characters of them to obtain value through getting a design of one commissioned, or adding the worth of art pieces of them.
  • Trading and gifting these characters is okay. If someone is traded one of these characters and do not want them to be involved in Nephfei, then they must be stripped of all species information and converted into a regular centaur, harpy, or mermaid oc.
  • These species are very open design wise, but please take note of the important appearance features in this guide and include them on your characters.
  • (OPTIONAL) If uploading designs of these characters to toyhou.se, you may set toyhou.se/nephfei as the creator (and yourself or whoever the artist was as the designer)


  • If a spinxyn you've previously obtained is active in Nephfei, feel free to create characters of these species to add to their stories!
  • If you don't have a spinxyn but still want to play around in the world, feel free to make a character out of any of these species!
  • NOTE: The open species designs cannot involve most features related to spinxyn curse categories, as their bodies are not permanently affected by magic in the same way as spinxyn!
  • The open species features cannot be combined (ex: a centicorn with wings)

Updated Nephian Height Chart by Queijac
Height chart

If you have any questions, leave a comment below!! 

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