Kingdom Hearts: The Forgotten Heart fanfic C2

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Published: April 3, 2012
Kingdom Hearts: The Forgotten Heart [Part 2]

Riku's brows furrowed as he looked to Queen who stood before him & King Sonic. As he burst out asking suddenly; "Why why did you put her to sleep in the first place?" With a bit of anger in his voice, though after he asked it he shook his head to ask with his right hand to his forehead a bit confused as to why he'd been so angry before.. "Wait.. Why am I so angry all of a sudden.. Whats going on here & why can't I remember.. Why you seem to know me?" Riku asks looking suddenly to Queen who still had her arms crossed & a knowing smile on her face. She walks up to Riku & says; "Easy, because she made you forget about me. She didn't want you angry at me for what had to be done."

Riku asked; "Wait.. What am I forgetting??"

Queen said shaking her head to shrug her arms; "Everything.. You're just down to you, King Sonic & those loyal to him.. Every one.. Everything else after you closed the door to light with King Sonic & after was forgotten.." She sighed.

"Wait, I remember everything! I closed the door leading to light to help protect the world of light from the darkness that was deep inside the world of light. I even defeated Xagmen, the one who turned every one's hearts into bio-forms. He was the one who made me question my loyalty to the King.. I remember everything very clearly." Riku told Queen in a matter of fact way. Stepping close to her he says; "And for one I don't remember meeting you nor this Princess that King Sonic told me that we have to awaken: until now."

Queen just chuckles & says with a smile; "As you say." To step out of his way as the door behind her opened. Riku smiled & said; "King Sonic, the signal is getting stronger just beyond the open door there! Come on!"

Sonic nods & looks over to Queen to ask; "What was that all about? I thought you'd try to stop us.."

Queen just grins & says; "It seems you to have forgotten about my prior role. In time you'll remember.. But hopefully you'll remember in just enough time before she has to take your memory of me away again." ;3 With her words said she waves to the King & walks off. Sonic looks forwards & sees that Riku is already way ahead of him so he speeds up using his legendary speed skills & in moments he's at Riku's side who's already made his way deep into an odd looking chamber.. It was as big as a bed room but in the middle of the bed room of all white stood a sleeping woman. She had short black curly hair that seemed to be blowing in some unknown or felt wind that lifted her hair into the air. Her white dress with a bit of gold at the top near her bosom shimmered ever so slightly; as the hilt of her dress fluttered ever so elegantly in the slight breeze. But what was off about her, was that in the middle of her forehead was the symbol of a golden looking triangle that seemed to glow each time she breathed out.  Looking to her, she was breathtaking..

Riku asked a bit taken back by her beauty; "King Sonic.. Who.. Who is she?"

King Sonic just smiled & said; "An old friend." Walking up to where she floated in midair King Sonic put his arms out to catch her & scooped her up into his arms & when he did so, she breathed as if she'd come out from being inside a terrible nightmare. Opening her eyes she sees Sonic & smiles to lay her right hand on his face to say; "S.. Sonic.. You've come.. After so long."

Sonic just smiles & says; "Sorry it took us so long to get you out of here Princess. We better get going before old Xagmen's system goes off."

She nods & stands as she says; "We better move then.. I though I saw two men in here earlier as I was resting. They left some sort of data disc before they left though." She tells King Sonic to rush over & push a sequence of blue buttons to then retrieve a data disc from out of the white wall. She pockets it & says; "For now I'll hold onto this until we can get some place safe to get a good look at what's on this disc. We better hurry!"

Sonic nods & picks her up to look over to Riku who has already placed speed boots on over top of his normal shoes; "Then you've got it!" Hunkering down with the Princess in his arms, He & Riku raced out of the Manson long before it started to sound alarms & at the last minute as they made it out of the Manson, the whole Manson collapsed in on itself completely leaving an empty space of white behind where it once used to sit.

Chapter Two: The heartless(?)

Outside of the Manson, Sonic sat her down next to the passed out heartless monster that still had swirling eyes. Seeing it, the Princess picked it up into her arms to say; "Oh you poor thing! What happened to you!"

Riku says; "Princess be careful that's a heartless monster!"

The Princess looks from Riku to Sonic to say with a sigh; "No it's not a heartless monster! His is a POKEMON! It's called a Chandelure. It's not a heartless monster at all. Didn't you guys notice the Litwick & Lamperts that you had to pass in order to get out from the Mansion?"

They both looked to her in confusion as she sighs to say; "These 'monsters' won't hurt us is what I'm trying to tell you here."

"Ohhhh." They both said in unison as they finally understood what she was trying to tell them.

Sighing deeply the princess looks to the hurt Chandelure to give it a spray of potion. It wakes up a few moments later to spin around her & say it's name happily; "Chande! Chandelure!"

She giggles & says; "Your very welcome. I'm sorry my friends mistook you for a heartless."

The Chandelure just comes close to her & rubs it's face on her to lick her & she laughs to say; "Ok, ok you can come with me if you want to." As the Chandelure spun around happily & she hugged it gently. She smiled to look from Riku to Sonic to say with a grin; "Ok now that, that's done.. Where can we go to read the data disc I grabbed before we left from the Mansion?"

Riku looks to Sonic & says; "It'll have to be some where in Twilight Town because Tails still hasn't caught up from us since you told me he was fixing on the gummy ship when we got here."

Sonic snaps his fingers & says with a wide grin on his face; "Hey that's our answer! We can go to Cid & I'm sure he'll help us! Come on let's head back to Twilight Town & ask around I'm sure we'll find him some where in town." Sonic winked with a wide grin on his face.
(Previous chapter: [link] )

In my fan fiction the role of the Disney characters are replaced by SEGA characters. Thus the role of King falls to Sonic the Hedgehog. ;3

written by: queenzelda01 (a current work in progress)

copyrights: Kingdom Hearts, and all the characters, & places that are mentioned in this fan fiction are copyright of SquareEnix.

SEGA characters; Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails 'Miles' Prower, & any other SEGA character mentioned in this fan fiction is copyrighted by SEGA.

**Preview is of Ronaux [link] who's the older man mentioned in the silver Org outfit in the first part of the chapter.**

Any oc's mentioned as this fan fiction unfolds are my concepts & my oc characters.
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