Kingdom Hearts: The Forgotten Heart fanfic C1

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Published: March 31, 2012
Kingdom Hearts: The Forgotten Heart

A young dark haired woman is seem asleep in a chamber deep underground; she is wearing a white sleeveless  silk dress, with bit of gold encrusted on the top. A symbol of the triforce resonates with her breathing on her forehead as a mysterious young man watches over her closely. The mysterious young man is wearing an all black Organization 13 outfit, and his eyes are blinded with a blind fold. His black hair reaching all the way down to the small of his back. "Do you think she knows she's in a dream world?" A mysterious male voice asked him from behind as the man in front of the woman's chamber only laughs a little to say; "No, to her the world of sleep is as real as our world is." The other voice, which was a bit deeper then the young man's who stood in front of the chamber says; "Humph, we all have a story to tell & in time, it'll be time for her to awaken & tell her's." The young man with long black hair shook his head & said; "No, it's not time yet.. She's yet to awaken to the fact that she's in a dream world. When she comes to realize that, then her story can unfold."

"Humph, that time maybe sooner then you think.. The King sent him to come looking for her to wake her up. You know he'll do it, those two have a history of sorts."

The dark haired man just nods & says; "Then I'll just have to leave a little something for her when he arrives to come & find her.." He says to place a data disc inside of the computer next to where the young woman slept. "There.." He grinned, "Now that should make interesting for him. Because when he wakens her, he'll have a quandary on his hands." With a grin he nods & says looking to the man behind him; "Alright, let's get going. There's a lot to do."

"Humph, you and your games. One day she'll see through them you know." The strange man all in silver told him with a silver blind over his face. The man with the long dark hair says looking back at the woman sleeping in the chamber just chuckles lightly to say; "I'll worry about that when the time comes. For now, let's go."

The other taller & obviously older man nods & waits for the younger man to lead the way out from the sleeping chambers hidden underneath the Manson in Twilight Town.

Chapter One: Riku arrives.

Riku arrived at the entrance to Twilight Town & he looked down at King Sonic to ask him; "What do you mean that some one important is sleeping here?"  Riku had no clear idea what King Sonic was saying to him, but Sonic only sighed deeply & says to curl one of his spines in his right finger for a minute to say; "Look, Riku listen.. Some one very important is asleep in the town here. I need you to find her & wake her up. She's very important; she knows who the new Organization Members are & who their new leader is. You have a past with her that they made you forget when you came after me through the door to light. Look, just trust me.. She has to be found.. Here.. Tails built this to help locate her, it's tuned to her light energy & since she's a triforce wielder it'll pick up on her pretty quickly. Tails will catch up & help to look for her as soon as he gets the gummy ship fixed.. To bad it broke down just as we arrived here." Sonic sighed. Smiling he looks to Riku to say; "Come on, let's start looking." As he turns Tails invention on & it starts to beep & then shows the location of where they are compared to the location of where the device is picking up the signal from the triforce wielder. "Works first time around, wow I'm pretty impressed." Riku says taking the device from Sonic who just smiles & says; "Well of course, this is Tails that were talking about, he's a genius remember?" ;3 Riku only rolls his eyes & sighs to say; "Come on; we should follow where this is leading us.." As he looked down at the reading for the device he saw that it was leading towards the norther part of town.  "That way!" Riku says pointing forwards; "Let's go!" Taking the lead Riku lead Sonic into Twilight Town, heading past some of the shops, they both made it to the steps of the next area that lead into an offshoot, that lead them back into the area where the Mansion was located, following the device through the park eventually Riku & Sonic made it to the Mansion.


Once they arrived at the Mansion, Sonic took out his golden keyblade & opened the barred gate that greeted them only to have a heartless(?) attack them. The heartless looked more like a floating chandelier except that it had eyes, and a purple flame. Fighting against the heartless(?) Riku & King Sonic defeated it using a unite attack. Sonic raced at Riku & Riku caught him on his keyblade to fling Sonic at the heartless(?) keyblade going right through the center of the creature making it fall over with swirls on it's eyes. When the battle was over, Sonic & Riku went over to look at the monster to check it out, but a red light came from no where & the monster disappeared with out any further explanation. "What's going on here? Was that a heartless?" Riku asked looking to Sonic. Sonic just shook his head & said; "I don't know, I've never seen any heartless that looks quite like what we fight against. Come on let's head on in & see what we can find out." Sonic nods & follows behind Riku as he heads into the Mansion. Once inside they found a few more heartless(?) looking monsters, except this time the monsters inside of the Mansion looked more like light candles except they had eyes, & were a light purple color. "What kind of creatures are these King Sonic?" Riku asked looking around at them as the monsters fled when ever either he or King Sonic tried to get near them, Sonic says; "What ever these things are, they certainly aren't heartless. They run off when ever we get too close to them. Oh hey, are we close yet?" Sonic asked pointing to the device in Riku's hand. Riku who'd almost forgotten why they had even come to the Mansion said; "Oh yea. Sorry about that." Looking at the device he says; "We need to go down those stairs." Sonic nods & leads the way down the stairs to a door, which Riku opens. Once open the door, they find themselves in a huge looking Inn. There was a huge underhand that they ducked a bit under & found a grand entry. On the left side; Riku saw an infirmary then about 5 steps away from the entry to the infirmary he spotted a pair of stairs that go up a few flight of stairs. To the imediate front of him & King Sonic he saw a red carpet leading the way into a grand looking dinning hall, as behind the dinning hall he saw the words; Entertainment center above a room behind the dinning hall. Curious Riku looked down at the scanning device that King Sonic had given him & it told him to go forwards. So nodding he says; "We need to  keep going." Sonic understood to followed at his side, making their way through the dining hall all the way to the back of the Entertainment center, all the way to where some bath houses seemed to be located. Until Riku looked to see the scanning device pointing to the left of the bath houses. Following the directions of the device, they came to the end of the grand looking inn.. But at the door, in front of it stood a very tall & imposing woman who had her arms crossed in front of her. She worse a red looking dress that reminded Riku of a phoenix tail really as he looked at it. Her dark curly hair was all the way down to her shoulders as she asked looking from Riku to King Sonic; "Now, where exactly do the both of you think your going?" Riku looked to the tall imposing woman & asked her, even though he had almost recognized her from the start some how he had yet to understand; "Who are you?" The tall woman only chuckles to say; "Well I see you've forgotten me again.. My name is Queen Universal & you two shouldn't be here quite yet.. It's not time for your arrival, not yet." Riku looked to King Sonic to ask him; "Do you know her?" Sonic stood there & thought a minute as his eyes grew large he nods & says; "Yea! I know her, she's the one who put the Princess to sleep!"
In my fan fiction the role of the Disney characters are replaced by SEGA characters. Thus the role of King falls to Sonic the Hedgehog. ;3

written by: queenzelda01 (a current work in progress)

copyrights: Kingdom Hearts, and all the characters, & places that are mentioned in this fan fiction are copyright of SquareEnix.

SEGA characters; Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails 'Miles' Prower, & any other SEGA character mentioned in this fan fiction is copyrighted by SEGA.

**Preview is of Nirex who's mentioned talking to the older man in the silver Org outfit: [link] [Base by :iconangelxzetsu: ]**

Any oc's mentioned as this fan fiction unfolds are my concepts & my oc characters.
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