Kingdom Hearts The Forgotten Heart Chapter2 P1

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Published: June 14, 2012
[1] Shadow arrives

(Else where in Twilight Town- Outside of where the Mansion used to be)

Namine bent over to catch her breath as she leaned onto the gate for support.. From what she could tell, she had arrived too late.. The princess was sure to be awake by now..

"I have to catch up to them..." Namine says looking around as she tries to get a sense of where Riku & King Sonic could have taken her to next.

"Wait!" The Princess says noticing Namine; "Why don't we ask her where Cid is?" Sonic & Riku exchanged glances with each other as the Princess stood to walk over to where Namine stood as Sonic asked her; "Um, excuse me could you tell us where Cid is miss?"

Namine was relieved to have found every one so early, but they seemed to have forgotten her which shocked her.. "You guys.. Come on it's me Namine! All of you know me!" She told them; sighing she nods says; "But yes I know where Cid is, he's currently talking with Cecil about the heartless that have been popping up around town.. They're both currently in the Inn in the 3rd area of Twilight town. You'll find them talking upstairs. Come on, I can show you where.." She told them smiling.

Sonic looks to Riku to ask him quietly; "Do you remember her?" Riku shakes his head to say; "No, but I was just about to ask you the same question.." Sonic asks; "You think we can trust her?" Riku nods & says; "Yea, she seems like she won't hurt the Princess."

Walking up to where Namine stood Riku nods & says grasping onto Princess Meri's hand in his right one; "Please go ahead & lead the way. We'll follow right behind you."

Namine nods & says; "Come on this way! She says as she lead the group through town towards the area where the train station was located; leading them towards the 3rd area door which was to the left of the train station. As they headed that way; the group then is approached by Shadow who had come in from another area of Twilight Town on the train. Sighing he walks past all of the others; until he spots Princess Meri among them. Smiling, he walks over & says kneeling at her feet; to then stand with a slight smile: "Princess! Wow, it's been forever since I last saw you. Where are you going? And who are these people with you?"

Princess Meri just giggled & said after she hugged Shadow; "Still the same old Shadow." Looking from Riku to Sonic she says to him; "These are my friends, Riku, & King Sonic.. The blond leading us is Namine.. What are you doing here Shadow?" She asked him curiously with her head tilted to the right slightly with a kind smile on her lips.
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