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Chapter 1: Freedom.
San Francisco had always been considered an industrious city, tourist interest, and above all quiet so we can live. He was in twelfth place among the most populous cities in the United States of America, the tourists came in droves to enjoy its wonders such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park or the Millennium Tower, as well as other many wonders found there.

This ... before it was almost razed to the ground.

Two years ago, in the midst of a seemingly quiet night, the city had been shaken by an event so terrible to have felt throughout the world, announced by an earthquake whose epicenter was recorded at San Francisco, where it was exactly located on the Golden Gate Bridge: From then on, the situation had worsened, the sky turned blood red, huge banks of storm clouds lightning emanated to no end, violent tornado demolished skyscrapers solids such as paper, leaving behind trails of rubble, and from all hideous skeletal threatening hissing like snakes, injecting fear into the hearts of people.
Those moments of sheer terror had convinced the world population had reached the end of the world, but as happens in every tragedy, the light always comes back to shine bringing peace.

No one has ever figured out exactly what happened that day.
Even the inhabitants of San Francisco.
In contrast, however, of three prisoners held in state prison serving a sentence of 80 years for a serious crime. The trio, or three street thugs, he stood aside in a corner of the prison yard with sullen air, completely uninterested in the activities of air time granted by the property such as sports or the gym, keeping away from other inmates with whom he kept talking.
"I hate this place. I'm going crazy here. "Said the thinnest of the three, running a hand through his thick hair purple hair combed forward in a particular.
"Yo man, breaking news: our" vacation "in here will continue for 78 lousy years." He said to his boss, a teenager of 19 years and green-eyed blonde, with acne on the cheeks, and the right eyebrow cut in a corner.
"With the slop in which poison us, passing food, will not stand still for 78 years." The third boy, more muscular and fat of the three-haired brush blacks and bushy sideburns, nodded in silence, looking disgusted that that should have been a sandwich.
Strike Master Ice, the blond boy, glanced at the cloudy sky that disappeared over the high concrete walls of the prison whose tops were adorned with barbed wire coiled on itself, constantly monitored by guards who were held like vultures ready to pounce on held in case of revolution, remembered the day when the world was about to change radically, now so far away in time, but whose emotions and feelings still existed on his skin. This time, for the first time in his life, he had seen the true power, strength in all its purity and destructive capacity, the ability to make you feel the most powerful man of all: to have worked along with fellow MC Cobra DJ Fist and the result of a demon (a real demon, one that is not defined as such), was rewarded for his loyalty with a unique gift that made him more evil, more destructive, and more incredible any human being on the face of this earth: the adrenaline that had flooded the veins of his body was hot, something that in one word called "phenomenal."
How he missed that feeling!
He would pay any price just to hear again a god!
Unfortunately, the troublemaker of the cops had taken away everything, reducing all that dust that had worked hard.

A guard inside called the order of the court. The hour of air was coming to an end, and each of the prisoners returned to his cell.
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------

Hours 00:15. In prison, all was calm and quiet.
The guards on the night shift were about to complete their tour with a listlessness that made them yawn constantly. They could not wait to go home to sleep. Also that night there were no problems, the "residents" slept deeply suspicious and no movement was reported by colleagues in other areas of the building or room by security cameras.
The only annoying thing was damn cold.
Okay that was in the summer and that the criminals were entitled to keep cool, but lowering the air conditioning to the point of shivering was exaggerated.
"Hey Robert, have a controlled plant, here we are freezing our butts." He said one of the guards at the walkie talkie, with no response.
"Robert? Chris? Do you read me? "Repeated the man with the same results. Cursing mentally, put on his radio and gun and went to the control room, where he realized that there the air was cold ... even cold, and ice formed on the edges of the wall and ceiling, it was a clear test.
"What the hell ....?" Suspicious and fearful of this unnatural phenomenon, ran to the room where he found the cameras, however, blocked the handle, which managed to release only shooting at the lock and open up the door with a kick, finding all 'internal human statues of ice that blocked with a look of terror on her face, her eyes darting from side to side.
"Oh Crap ...."
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---
"Atchiuuu! What the hell is going on?! It dies of cold in here "said MC Cobra, by which time the temperature inside the prison had become unbearable. The prisoners shouted to do something, constantly trembling and trying to cover as much as possible with the few blankets available while they waited for their guardians did you live, but no one to help, not one person stepped in to fix this absurd situation that had transformed the place of detention in a cold room.
"Ugly bastards! Let us get out of here! We have no intention of becoming a popsicle! If I can get your hands on me I will regret having decided to set aside the law, you heard me? "
"Ice Calm down, save your breath for ... for ... Atchiuuu! ... To warm. "
"Yeah blond, get calm down. How else are you going to get out of here? "A strange voice caught the attention of the trio who, leaning through the bars, looked out towards those who had spoken. A female figure stood a few steps from their cell, resting on the opposite wall with a wry smile and lively eyes: it was a girl of about 15 years, a high 1.55, amber-skinned, brown hair cut bob and emerald green eyes. He was wearing beige shorts to the knee pants equipped with a small blue pouch attached to their belt and a purple T-shirt without sleeves, high collar, with a particular pattern of black thread sewn in the center.
Perplexed, looked at her as if it were a rare beast. It was not usual to see in a place infamous as that a girl so young, the only people with whom they had to do were the guards and their lawyers, and only rarely managed to be lucky enough to meet a stranger or a beautiful woman. Unfortunately, they had touched a child.
"Who are you, shrimp? This is not a playground for little kids. "
"Hey, I'm a shrimp! And I'm not here to play, I am here, if you can give pleasure to know, to free you and your friends."
"You? Free us? "Hearing these words, the trio after a quick exchange of glances laughed in disbelief at what had just heard.
"What we found so funny," asked the girl seriously.
"Look what I'm talking seriously."
"Oh yeah, right. Of course! We can not wait to see you bend the bars with your incredible muscles! "
"No! No! Will use his laser sight to melt steel! "
As they enjoy the "jokes" are slow to take the same hilarity on the particular guest who remained completely unmoved. A few minutes later she smiled, but only when the laughter of the three were stopped suddenly stifled by a clamp to the throat caused by the sharp claws, which are generated by a thin layer of ice formed suddenly on the bars of their cells: the menacing hands prevented him from to withdraw his head for safety, and the blood starts to flow regularly and your breath began to collapse, too quickly just to be able to think. Other ice spread down the hall in which stood, wrapping whatever is in the outpost that was captured in a crystalline layer forms graceful blue and white, including people whose voices suddenly went out one after another, making so drop a deathly silence.
"This amuses you?" She asked.
The three shook their heads in the negative response.
"No? Really say? Strange, because I find it hilarious. But you are right, there is no time for joking, we have urgent business to attend to. "He concluded, snapping his fingers at the same time, which freed them from deadly close and prison whose bars were transformed into soft snow. Incredulous, the boys stared at the remnants of steel mixed with the white matter lying at their feet, and consequently, the "cause" of that casino.
"Come on, the guards will not remain forever frozen to death." The girl said, motioning to follow.

Meanwhile, the ice began to melt, the four after a short run they reached the courtyard, where a blue van, which is normally used to supply the kitchens of food, waiting for them with the engine already has access. They jumped on board and went at full speed, breaking through the fence and disappeared into the moonless night, while a distant and barely audible siren gave the alarm about what had happened. Looking out from the cabin, Fist and Cobra Ice stared at the prison to become a dot and disappear after a few kilometers away, remaining silent throughout the first time to scream and cheer loudly.
"Woh! I can not believe it! We are free! "
"Yo man! We've scrubbed those bad dude! No one can tie us! "
"See? I was not tricky 'around when I said that I would set free. "
"Beautiful little guy move. Whoever you are, you've prevented from mold in the place of nerds. "
"Then you will not mind helping me accordingly. This makes you my debtors, you know. "
"Debtors? Wooooh! Brake shrimp, we are not so "grateful" to repay what you did for us. So do not let strange illusions, you feel me? "
"Okay, whatever you want ... but I were you change your mind, now, to avoid returning to prison with broken bones."
"And you think your ridiculous threats will make us change your mind?"
"Threats? Really I'm just trying to tell you that I can not drive! "cried the girl, pointing out to passengers that the van was dangerously poised on the right wheels.

                San Francisco, at 4:00
The city was still asleep in a deep sleep when the quartet entered it.
He looked like a construction site because of the many cranes, cement mixers and bulldozers parked near homes and half-ruined buildings, surrounded by scaffolding of iron that protected the little that was left standing.
The old and the new lived together in the ruins of San Francisco post-apocalyptic characterized by heaps of broken bricks and skeletons of a civilization that was nearly extinct, gleaming skyscrapers and commercial structures of pure steel shone for their shiny appearance and clean. Despite the bad "adventure", the population in those two years had recovered quickly and was working hard to restore normalcy lost. Ice company, bad memories aside, had to admit the fact that surprised them, and were eager to take advantage of lost time in jail.
Before you hurry up and get even with the little one, before they could return to the dear old habits.
Forced them to go to the old baseball stadium where, opened a breach in the fence that prevented access, download the speakers with him in the unusual material composed of marble statues depicting black creatures, perhaps belonging to the Western mythology, brushes and bottles ink, and other stuff that seemed part of dead animals. They unloaded everything at the center of the former playing field, taking care not to stumble in the seats of the spectators were scattered everywhere or large, ignoring the girl who tinkered with his "games" while babbling incomprehensible sentences.
"Ok boss, what we do now that we are free?"
"First we get rid of those ridiculous orange jump suits. Second, we recover our skate and the other stuff. Third, unleashing us until we breath in our lungs! "
"Yeah! I'm there. But ... if they had to peck those who have thrown in? "
"An eye for eye, tooth for tooth, my friend."
  By understanding what it meant flying Ice, Fist and Cobra laughed maliciously, cracking his fingers ready to act. Before to go, the girl passed him and dyed the grass of the field with one of his brushes, completing an intricate design: their feet had been designed a diamond in the center was filled with a Celtic cross adorned with thorns, outside enclosed a perfect circle with four branches in the shape of heart on which were placed the statues that stared ominously jar placed at the center of china, where the little one fit in the pieces of animals, plus a lock of hair and it tore the thick foliage. Intrigued by his work, the trio stood by it, even when he raised the object above his head with some difficulty, starting to utter a kind of refrain, which took almost shouting meanwhile that the complicated design was beginning to shine a light crimson red that became blinding, so that the ink that formed as lava boiled, releasing fumes that made it hard to breathe poison, but not enough to stop the work of the little witch.
relented when he saw all three boys jumped scared when the circle is literally lifted from the ground, hovering in the sky for several minutes before sticking perfectly straight on the ground, releasing a liquid substance inside the orange that made him look like a Stargate and, as such, turned out to be a portal, a humanoid figure sprang out of that "passage", surrounded by the fire that prevented their recognition, rolling over itself before settling on her back and in absolute silence.
Ice Fist Cobra and were speechless.
She was happy on the contrary, and with a trembling voice said:
"Welcome back Drago."
new fiction of my own creation! This time, with characters from the television series Jackie Chan adventure:
Strikemaster Ice, DJ Fist and MC Cobra escape from the prison where they were detained by an unexpected intervention of a young girl. Once back in San Francisco, assist the return of the Dragon, the demon that had almost conquered the world and found that it is deeply connected with the girl who released them.

There are a few swear words and nothing too violent or obscene. can be read by all.
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