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Working with latex TUTORIAL

Hey Everyone, I had some interest on my facebook about how I work with latex. I decided to make a introductory tutorial for people looking to start a project but are afraid to work with latex. It's a stubborn material, and can be very difficult to learn how to work with. But I feel the results are well worth it. It's the only material that can get as tight and as shiny when buffed up properly. And it looks very cool in photos and on costumes!

I'm hoping to answer some questions here! Let me know if you found this resource helpful or if you have any more just post a comment. I'll do my best to help.

Notes & Resources:

Latex comes in varying thicknesses.
.02 is very thin and is best suited for things like gloves, bows, or trim. Something that isn't going to be under much stress otherwise it could tear.

.03-.04 are best for making clothes. Dresses, tops, skirts, catsuits, etc. It's strong and will conform to curves of the body.

.05+ is very thick and won't stretch much. It is best suited to something that will have a lot of stress placed upon it, such as a latex corset.


-Excellent tutorial site, how I learned to work with latex: [link]

- Supplier (UK): [link]
- Supplier (USA): [link]
- Supplier (CA, USA): [link]


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Is making your own latex outfits cheaper than buying them? I got some custom latex made for me and they're pretty expensive. If making them by myself is cheap, I'll try it
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where did you learn latex at anyway???
Randommode's avatar
Amazing! Although I DON'T think I will ever need to make any latex outfits. :lmao:
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Cool... cool, cool, cool.
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So awesome of you to put together a tutorial. I've always wondered the secrets behind the construction of latex garments!
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Just out of curiosity (being that I don't plan on wearing any latex clothing any time in the foreseeable future), is there anything you use underneath the latex to make it more comfortable/easier to get on and off? What about the "Leather-Chair-on-a-Hot-Day Effect"?
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Baby Power and Sex lube (no seriously) is essential to sliding it onto your body. Otherwise it just sticks!

As for comfort, eh you kind of get used to it. Latex it generally pretty hot and uncomfortable.
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