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Fractal Floral Patterns

Created from the same base as these two wallpapers I made: [link] and [link]

The zip file contains seven .pat files (for GIMP, which these patterns were originally created for) and seven .jpg files (for any other programs, such as Photoshop, or for use on the internet). They are all actually the same pattern, but there are seven color combinations.

Use these however you wish in your non-commercial works, but don't claim them as your own. All the usual jazz. I would love for you to share with me what you do with them, too! :)

Have fun with these! :aww:
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Absolutely stunning work my friend! Great work! 
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may i use them on imvu?
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they can b used on imvu
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They are beautiful!!
Thanks for share!
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"ERROR: This file is bad or corrupted."


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The .pat files will only work with GIMP, I believe. Did you try the jpegs?
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There were only .pat files, and other .pat files work fine on my photoshop. :tears: I was actually under the impression that .pat files were the only kind the photoshop would accept.

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Hmm... Did you try re-downloading it? Also, did you unzip the .zip file before trying to install the files?

I'll try to re-upload the download with some .jpg files when I get some time so this doesn't happen to anyone again.
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Yes and yes. :tears: It's okay tho, I don't NEED them or anything, they're just really pretty.

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Hmm. Well, I just checked, and the JPG files do seem to be in the .zip folder. I wish I could help you further. :(
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i love fractal patterns |D
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Me too! They're so fun to toy with. XD
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