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Finally decided to finish & upload the colored version of this piece from (yikes!) a year ago. Hope you like it!

I sort of wish I hadn't drawn Katara looking all "Hollywood pregnant" and instead made her a bit round and softer. Oh well! Maybe I'll just have to give the subject matter another go? XD

Aang and Katara are © to Mike, Bryan, and Nickelodeon

PS: FYI, pregnant ladies still probably shouldn't hang out in open windows.
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AbbySoto|Professional Digital Artist
love it
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chibichichio|Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's so pale though.
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this is just awesome! well done!
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They make for such a nice couple..
Great colors here!
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demonjack123|Professional Digital Artist
I like it alot. But his head feels slightly off to me for some reason..
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rachelillustrates|Professional Traditional Artist
So completely sweet!
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TinyandHuge|Student General Artist
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millywolf|Hobbyist Digital Artist
so cute ^-^
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SenshiStock|Hobbyist Photographer
I went skiing when I was pregnant. She'll be fine! :D

This is lovely :3
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its really weird cuz i used to watch that show an i never pictured them dating they were always the best of friends and i think that they shouldnt date but it is really cut ;)
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karkoba|Student Interface Designer
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Hollywood huh?
I can show you 5 girls I know on facebook who looked like this if not better when they were pregnant, a few of the even looked good with girls (usually male children cause the perfectly round belly and nothing else, while female children cause overall swelling from what I've noticed).
I don't know what's in the water where I grew up but it happens like that so often that I've developed an attraction to pregnant chicks.
It just so happened that this was on the front page when I showed up to check dA.
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SpinningWolf|Hobbyist General Artist
I think it's so cute.
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wait are they dating
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Acedia21|Student Digital Artist
I think this is so, so cute.
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thatawkwardllama|Student Digital Artist
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ang ends up being a terrible father
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Hey, he got one out of three right.  He just wasn't much of an equal opportunist I guess, never could let go of his culture.
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KISSEricFoxRockNRoll|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I can already see how she tells Sokka!
Katara slowly walked into the room where Sokka was stretched lazily on the couch. Sokka glanced up at her, "would you and Aang quiet down?! for the past week all I can hear at night are you two getting at it!" "Sokka," katara began. "-and don't say 'well we were just kidding around' no!" "Sokka," Katara said louder. He stopped. "Im pregnant." Sokka flew straight off the couch screaming. 0.0 XD beautiful good job
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There is so much perfect in this ;_;
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