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Hi peeps, how are you?

Maybe some of you remembered me saying I've made quite some progress with my chapters while I was in Australia/New Zealand. I am so eager to share them with you (they are going through the 'final edit' phase right now), but I encountered a little problem. It would be absolutely amazing if I could publish my story the traditional way (please, let me dream. I know it's like a 1% chance), which means I need to keep my first publication rights. Publishers like to be the first with a new book, obviously. 

What exactly is a first publication though? It used to be so simple. Something was published when it ended up in a book, journal, newspaper, etc, but now with the internet around, things became more vague. Blogposts counts as published. DA deviations too. As long as you work can be seen freely by everyone, it counts as published. Beware, this is not the same as copyrights. You'll always have those.

That sucks, because I've already posted chapters here. However, Master Google told me that excerpts are allowed, as long as they are relatively short compared to the entire work. But what the hag is 'relative'? Master couldn't tell me this. The fewer words posted online though, the better.

So I did a little word count. I am not sure how huge my first book will be (the end is a point of discussion), but if I can keep it around 150k I'll be happy. It will probably surpass that... Anyway, that means I've already shared 10% with you, which sounds like quite a big excerpt. Better be safe than sorry: I'll not upload more chapters on DA, unless someone can give me more information about this. I know publication is still possible, but it's harder when the rights are gone...

In case you are thinking: 'but I want to know what happens next', don't worry! THERE IS STILL HOPE! I can still share it with you via stash! That's private, so perfectly fine. So I'll make a little reading corner for everyone who's interested, with fluffy cosy pillows, a fire place and some nice herbal tea and everything. Let me know if you want to join.

Sorry for this rather dry piece of text. To other aspiring authors: it is some important information to keep in mind. Beware how much you post here.

tldr; I am going to share the rest of my story privately. If you want to continue reading, let me know in the comments here. I'll tell you when something new comes up!

Best wishes,
Pam/Queen of Eagles

PS: nope, still haven't sorted out my Middle Earth photos. It's hell.

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I've meant to comment on this so many times, but that is super crazy! I didn't know that about publication rights!
i'd better not post anything more other then art about Demon Heart Demon War, and even then I'd still better be careful. O.O
i'd like to join the reading corner, though I will be a slow reader.