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Looking for an archery refence? This isn't it - v2

A State of Equilibrium

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 COMMISSION STATUS Open: but with limitations... I don't have much free time, and I'm not fast. So if you're in a hurry, maybe I'm not your artist. When you have a commission that truly inspires me, I might make time for it even if my commission status says 'closed'. So don't be afraid to ask. COMMISSION TYPES    Digital art Portrait Portraits show the face and sometimes shoulders of the character. Something like a hand can be visible too but, depending on how much of it is visible, might result in an extra charge. There will be an extra charge for additional characters and complex backgrounds. simple backgrounds complex background (

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Piet's Mill

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Looks like an umbrella that got caught by the wind

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FFM 2018 - the kidnapper and the constable

“No, I will not throw you in prison, no matter how kindly you ask.” Constable Zonderland crossed her vanbraced arms as she eyed Khorrek in the doorway of her headquarters. The guy took a step forward nonetheless, looking desperate. Even his hair was more messed up than usual. “You must,” he begged. “I’ve kidnapped Cupcake, after all. Look.” Khorrek held up a puppy with a patchwork coat of white and brown. The animal barked at the constable and wagged its fluffy tail so enthusiastically it made the entire body of the dog shake. She frowned. “We have no reports of a lost pet.” “Well


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