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Unusual Bird

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No Pain

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[Forever Young] Mayonaka in spring

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Northern Lights Of Christmas


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Green Honeycreeper

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FOR SALE - You Goat Me


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The Artist Avatar Challenge

Create an Artist Avatar for the chance to win $3,000 USD, a portfolio review, and more! The Artist Avatar Challenge 13+ International Contest Closed DeviantArt and 3dsense Media School, a leading digital arts school in Asia, have teamed up to bring you the Artist Avatar Challenge! This is an opportunity to design an original character based on a prompt for the chance to win cash, a portfolio review, and Wacom products! See the winners at the top of the class! Creative characters of all styles captured the attention of the DeviantArt community for our Artist Avatar Challenge. The originality and artistic vision shown in the entries were a


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Anything can give you inspiration, even blanket...

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Arcane Circles II Photoshop and GIMP Brushes

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Abomination: Sea of Stones: 1- Slave market

    There was a palpable feeling of excitement in the air as the mid-morning sun shined over Blackport.  A cool, crisp wind blew in from the south, bringing with it the salty smell of the Sea of Stones.   Colorful banners of a dozen different petty nobles and merchant houses fluttered from the high towers, and scores more hung from every building.   The entire city was caught up in a festive mood, for the Baron had declared a free market day.  Merchants from all corners of Pangea cluttered the streets, hawking their wares to passerby, selling everything from fine silks to meat pies.  City dwellers mingled with farmers and country folk as chil

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Map of Othion

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March 2021 Patreon rewards

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Christmas Elf Wishlist 2019

Hello everyone! Welcome to the project Holiday Elf Wishes 2019! I am writing this because I had fun doing this the last couple of years and want to keep it going. This is my second year hosting this event, so hopefully we have another great year! Anyone can join and participate! I've stolen this form from saniika (https://www.deviantart.com/saniika) and hope to keep it going for years to come. Read the journal to find out more if you are interested! :xmas:HOLIDAY ELF WISHES!:xmas: :snowflake:Step 1. Make a post in your dA journal. The post should contain your list of 10 holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and fandom-related ("I'd love a Snape/Her


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A False Kind of Magic

The tavern was quiet, with only a single man in sight. Khorrek slid into the bar seat next to the resident old drunkard. Aarie's in fine form tonight; he's already on the verge of passing out, and the moon hasn't even risen yet. Khorrek scratched his head. Then he noticed where he was sitting. And that's my lucky bar stool too! I've never been accosted while sitting on that stool! What am I going to do about this? He sighed. The sound was followed by footsteps as a man ran from the back room of the tavern. "Welcome to the Gryphon's Nest what can I get y-Oh, it's you." "Hello, Lennard!" Khorrek waved. The tavern owner was not impressed. "What

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Dragon Self Portrait (complete!)

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