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Transformation - how myths are born

For the transformation challenge ;)

What program or tools did you use?
I used photoshop CS4 and a Huion H610 Pro tablet, and painted this in only one layer (except for the boundaries). This is actually the first drawing I have made with that tablet, I just bought it :) I did some sketches on paper first though.

Where did you find your inspiration for your entry?
The human brain is made in such a way that it sees shapes and patterns in things that do not have that at all. Staring at clouds is an example of it, you always make some sort of shape out of a simple cloud. Seeing a troll in a bunch of rocks is also a nice one, you should go to Scandinavia for some stone troll hunting ;) Anyway, I thought that that was a nice idea for this transformation contest. This drawing shows what happens when someone with a rather wild imagination looks at a nice and otherwise very normal cliff. The rocks here are shaped a little bit like a dragon or wyrm, so people might believe that there are dragons living on their land and come alive once in a while. That can result in a new myth, legend or fairy tale.  

Dragons are one of my favorite fantasy creatures. The fire of the dragon forms a nice contrast with the calm water and rocks, I think, so that's why I choose for dragon. I also love coasts :heart: 

How long did it take to complete?
approximately 6 hours, all done in one evening... That was not a good plan. I am a bit tired now.
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That is just AWESOME! I was just scrolling through and saw it and I had to stop and tell you that's AWESOME! Normally I dont do this, but I couldnt pass this one by and not tell you this. And it's such a great concept - you are truly talented. Kudos!

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ahhh thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment! It means a lot :) Glad to hear you like this little rock dragon!

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No prob at all! I LOVE TRANSFORMATIONS!!! ^^

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Woaah, the concept is pretty cool !!! Love it !
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thank you so much!
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Thank you so much!
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Very amazing! I used it and I hope that's ok? If not please let me know and I'll remove it. 
I linked your work as well as wrote a disclaimer to contact you the artist if they are interested in your work. Thanks!…  
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Thank you! Oh, and that's fine! I prefer to know it in advance though, but I am glad you came here to ask me :hug: Great poem by the way, I am honoured you want to use my artwork as a visual to go with it!
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Thanks! Next time I will be sure to let you know in advance. 
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awesome, thank you! :hug:
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Very nice! I like how you broke the image up into three sections with the rectangular borders.
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Thank you! well, the border thing was obligatory; this was made for a contest where you had to use these three panels ;)
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