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'Ah, the Reading Corner! A place everyone should visit at least once in their lives... Especially the armchairs close to the hearth are soft and comfy, and the tea is almost drinkable! Now, don't let the people there scare you, even though they might be a bit quirky. As the saying goes: there are no strangers here, only friends you haven't yet met!'

The Reading Corner is a little, cosy tavern. Light falls through stained-glass windows, painting everything it touches plot-twist purple, antagonist amber, or outline orange. The walls are made of stories; bookshelves are the prime building material of this place. The novels they contain smile at the visitors, waiting eagerly to be discovered by them. Coasters are not used for drinks; they serve as bookmarks. Chairs, lounges, side tables, even a hammock fill the room - no piece of furniture is the same. A fire burns in a hearth at the centre of the building, welcoming guests with an embrace of warmth and light. A perfect place for word lovers to meet and read some exclusive literature that can't be found anywhere else...

... Okay, it actually is just a folder in my Stash, but I like to think of it as something more. 

You can find WIP chapters of my story there, 'a State of Equilibrium' - all of them, eventually. I want people to enjoy them, but not via my DA gallery. Three reasons: I don't want to lose my first publication rights, I don't want people stealing my ideas and I don't want to share my mess of chapters with the entire world - I promise you that will happen when the story grows.

Dot Bullet (My Purple) - F2U!  Huh? But you've already published some chapters in your gallery! 

True, that's the prologue and the first four(ish) chapters. A snippet of the story to get people interested will not cause any harm though - but please, don't expect more of them.

Dot Bullet (My Purple) - F2U!  So, what kind of human do I need to be to get entrance to the place? 

I fear the rules are very strict: you need to be able to read. I am so sorry I had to narrow it down so much, but there is no other way.

Dot Bullet (My Purple) - F2U!  I'd love to read it, but I don't know how to give feedback 

You don't have to! Feedback is wonderful of course, but quiet readers are welcome too. This is not a testreading group, just something fun for everyone. Knowing you are interested in my story and want to continue reading is a huge compliment, it means a lot to me.

Dot Bullet (My Purple) - F2U!  Any other things I need to keep in mind? 

Yes: be nice to others and respect my work. Don't steal... Really... I'll never stop crying... 

Dot Bullet (My Purple) - F2U! How do you get there?

Leave a comment here saying you want to join the corner, I'll contact you!

about me
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about my story: a State of Equilibrium
guide | chapters | characters | artwork

Some of you might know the concept already, but I wanted to have a clear piece of text telling what the reading corner exactly is. Now I have something I can link to ;)
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Can I please read it as well? I am a fellow writer and an aspiring author. I love your writing! I'd like to edit if that's okay. :D