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Terra - full body

I can finally reveal my top secret project, haha! This is a birthday gift for :iconvixenkiba: (and got some very nice cake and mead in return :) *omnomnom*) This is Terra, her awesome horned and goat-legged OC. Since Vixen keeps a close eye on me, I couldn't stream or post WIPs about it... so sorry for that.

anyway, this is a full body version of this portrait;

Terra by queenofeagles 
Goodness, it looks so dull compared to this much more orange one... Who thinks the lighting is a little bit overdone? *raises hand* XD
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This looks really cool. The sun set behind her really adds a sense of magic to the whole piece.
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thank you! I just love weird lighting :) and sunsets! :heart:
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And that's why I love you, my Queen! ;D it's just absolutely... AWESOME! (Being honest, I hate this word "awesome" abusing which many English speakers use to describe all emotional states and impressions, but this time that stupid word fits here perfectly; and even sounds as cool as it should be to describe such a wonderful picture. Aaaawesome!)

Colors are just... awesome ;P Picture is not too orange; it's definitely perfect coloring. It looks like Sauron's eye ore some volcanic globe rising like a Moon or something. Effect is marvelous; thanks to this, Terra looks more predatory, combativeli - such a Lara Croft of fantasy world. Short jeans, dreadlocks, magic (I presume...) lance or ranseur/spontoon make here a real but not classic, ordinary female warrior character. You've made something really beautiful and original; I'm sure that you are proud of yourself. You should be, my dear. You should be.
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ahh, you are too kind! :hug: you are aaaawesome ;) (hihi, I am afraid I am one of those persons who likes to 'abuse' that word a bit too often ;))

awesome that you think it's awesome ;) hihi, turns out that my printer didn't like that particular shade of orange at all! I printed it out, and it looked so pale... so I printed it out again, but with saturation increased. Again; pale, in exactly the same way as my first attempt. I think my printer is partly colour blind, haha! Terra is indeed a tough girl that knows how to defend herself, I am glad that turned out... awesome! XD I do wonder what that staff-thing actually is, I have no idea, but it looks interesting.

thank your for your kind words, you made my day! :hug:
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Holy cow this is aaaabsolutely stunning! The colours are just gorgeous, I wouldn't say for a second that it was overdone, I personally think it's perfect :love:
queenofeagles's avatar
Thank you so much! 
lol, I was fooling around with the lighting layers sooo much! I constantly lowered opacity, until it looked to dull so I increased it again, but then it looked too bright. then I saw it on a different monitor, and it looked even worse XD fixing that took ages :'D but I am glad you like it!
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Looks great (I love them both)
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Thank you! :hug: I am glad you like both of them ;)
drosera-sundews's avatar
Awesome :D I love the light and the colours 
queenofeagles's avatar
thank you very much! :hug:
patbunNF's avatar
I love the lighting, really :D You really did a great art again, love her <3 :heart:
queenofeagles's avatar
Thank you, I am glad you like it! :hug: I really thought I was overdoing the lighting effects a bit at a certain point...
patbunNF's avatar
My pleasure <3 I didn't think you overdoing it, you did it great :D:D:D
queenofeagles's avatar
yay! that's great to hear! :hug:
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I like this drawing! I think the lighting makes it very exiting.
queenofeagles's avatar
Thanks! though stuff like that glowing circle around weren't really planned XD
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