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Ressurrection Dance

this went sooooo much better than expected! and much faster ;)

This is another costume idea of mine, but the real one will be less... on fire... or smokey... don't expect me to finish it soon though, it will be finished in 1.5 years from now. 

the costume version will have  much more complicated make-up; feathered eyebrows, lace, some sort of metalwork (like the beak) and more colors will be added to it. I liked the serene look of this though, so I kept it simple. 

I didn't use much references, just one to figure out the lips/nose/chin part (I really don't understand how to draw that) and one for the front hand. I did use a wooden art doll wit arthritis in its knees and elbows, haha! I do not recommend to figure out poses with mannequins, because they are to flexible in some places and not flexible enough in other. I just used it, together with a flashlight, to help with the lighting. That was rather fun :)

This is Anka'a by the way, or better known as the phoenix lady. I created her ages ago, but I obviously changed her looks now (and gosh, look at those old drawings of mine... they are baaaaaaad!)…… (that's actually a photomanip of me cosplaying this character)…

I hope you like this change of looks ;) quite fun to see a character develop like that, I wish I made more pics of my characters -_- Anyway, do you guys like where I am going with my style? I am using texture brushes much more now than in the beginning, where I just used standard photoshop brushes. 

Anka'a is part of a story I am working on, called 'a State of Equilibrium'. I am afraid that she only pops up at the end of the story, so I still have to give her more of a personality. I do know most of her background, but I prefer to keep that for myself. Let's just say it's important ;) 

Here is where I will dump more art and info about my OCs and my world:…

And here is the prologue of my story:
Prologue - a State of Equilibrium
There was that feeling again. He was used to it, after suffering from it for years. It was so unpleasant though that he still couldn't ignore it. It felt like his skin was pinched by thousands of hot, long needles. It always happened when it was time for him to wake up. Luckily it only lasted a second, and it was just a fraction of the misery that already darkened him. The pain faded, and he stood up in the middle of an endless sea of grass, blades moving slowly in the wind.  The pieces of his armour clattered softly against each other. Dark blood stained the shining metal, but it wasn't his. He wondered why he always wore it; he didn't need protection. Getting wounded was something he didn't care about. Maybe he should leave it behind. He started fumbling with the clasps of his armour, while he looked at his surroundings. Only a few gnarled trees were scattered amongst this dull, monotone la
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thank you so much!
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I'm glad you like it!
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That face detail... With the gold mask. Incredible. This looks like some sort of heavenly Galaxy dance, shaping the cosmos dust and smoke.
It's like you look at this painting and it tells you stories... <3
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Thank you very much! :hug: funny thing is, that there is not even a story behind it, but I really like that it gives you that feeling ;) I was just testing out some smoke brushes ^^;
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This is wonderfully composed.
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Wow! This would be one heel of an costume... but this picture is awesome enough on iteself. XD
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I hope that costume turns out well ;) thank you very much! I am glad you like it!
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Knowing you, it will. :D And no problem. ^^
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After fabulous Unicorn Lady costume and of course great Dragon Lady costume you will change into a Phoenix Lady! Awesome news. It will take a lot of time and work; that's definitely true. But I think that it would be something beautiful; you know how to make such a stuff and how to bring them into a real masterpiece! This art looks great so the real costume would be something absolutely amazing. Great idea, my dear - keep going!
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Thanks :D I just have so many costume ideas in my head, and for some reason I want to make them all at once XD I hope the costume will look just like this pic :D should first finish that unicorn costume though...
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We, artists ;P have always this same problem; more ideas than time. I know it very well, my dear. But I hope to see you as complete Unicorn Lady soon...
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I wish time could be bought ;) be patient with the unicorn though, there are other crafting projects that need to be finished earlier. Need to make some stuff for Sinterklaas, do you know that celebration? He's pretty much the original version of Santa Claus ;)
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Yea, I've heard about Santa-sailor. We celebrate Santa's day only one day - 6th of December; you're happy that you can celebrate this so long. Small, simple gifts but what a huge fun for children!
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yes, it's great! only the children celebrate it for a couple of weeks, I think most adults just celebrate it one evening (if they celebrate it at all...) but preparations take so much time; the gifts are wrapped in a very creative way. For example: I made a minion from despicable me for one of my housemates last year, and hid the presents inside it (he could reach them by sticking his arm in the minions butt, which looked rather funny).  I actually like the wrapping more than the gifts ;) There is now this huge, stupid discussion that Zwarte Piet (Black Pete), the friend/helper of Sinterklaas, is something racist and should be banned... Just because he is black -_-  
DanGref's avatar
Minion butt... hahaha! That has killed me! You have a great sense of humor! Such an ideas are even more wonderful than the gift itself! So much fun and laugh because of something like that! My queen: you are great!

Our Santa have also two assistants; angel and devil, but no one wants to exorcised that black guy. So far, cause we have a similar "stupid discussions" in Poland too. One deputy from our parliament have sad that Tinky-winky from Teletubies, because he's a male character and has a red bag, like girl, is promoting a homosexually propaganda! Moron. Our politic have a real talent to such an ideas; trust me!
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whoopsy, late reply, but I still want to say thanks, you are an awesome friend ;) I've got quite some nice photos about that minion now, haha! 

jeez... I am going into politics now, sounds like you don't have to do something important and just have to act stupid. That doesn't sound difficult ;)
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Lovely color use and smokey effect,
The color level is just right to catch the eye, but without being overpowering and the pose has lots on energy,
I also love the dress- I wish it was real :) (Smile) 
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Thank you so much, I am glad you like it :)

I have made quite some progress with the skirt already ;) it's made from organza with various colors, and kinda changes color under different light. Organza doesn't look that smokey  though... lol, maybe I should hide one of those smoke machines under my skirt XD
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I don't think a smoke machine is necessarily a good idea =P (Razz) ,

Anyway, I cant wait to see it :) (Smile) 
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You're really good at all the smokey effects, wauw. And I hope the costume making goes well for you :D
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Thank you! costume goes rather well at the moment, it is just a bit time consuming -_-
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