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A little introduction

Hello and welcome to this guide, where I will try to make my little project somewhat less chaotic. That is quite a challenge, and I don't think I'll finish it; this guide will be under construction permanently, since I will update it every time I come up with something new I want to share. I apologise for the shear size of this document; it is a guide for me as well, and I write down everything about my world here to prevent me from forgetting it. On the other hand; if you manage to read all of this, then you are on pretty much the same level of knowledge about my world as I am. 

In case you haven't heard about it; 'a State of Equilibrium' is a fantasy story that has been stuck in my head for ages, and I started to flesh it out properly since the beginning of 2015. 
'aSoE', if you don't like long names, has a world full of imaginary races, magic, religions, and most importantly, clashing opinions. The story will be told from the point of view of six different people; most of them live rather ordinary lives, until a roaming army of sorcerers crosses their path - an army many people believe to be holy. It has been acting rather strange lately though, but no one seems to know what the reason behind it is... Each character will solve a bit of this puzzle through their unique viewpoints. Together, they will find out that the army is not powered by faith alone, but also by something much scarier.

WARNING: before you continue reading this guide, I have to warn you for spoilers. I will not tell (a lot) about the plot, but even knowing how my world 'works' might make the story itself more boring. Read at your own risk ;)

Overview of this guide

This guide became too big to save in one file, so I separated the chapters:

1. My art and literature folders
2. Geography
3. Creatures
4. Religion
5. History
6. Languages
7. Magic
8. Main characters
9. Funny facts and sources of inspiration
10. Some quotes from the story
11. Artwork feature
12. Timeline of 'aSoE'
13. (Not so) frequently asked questions
14. Sites for fellow storytellers
15. The reading corner - a place for my WIP chapters

OC portraits by queenofeagles
Here you go; something that should make my world easier to understand. Not that it's very difficult though... anyway; please beware that this thing is a living document; I'll add or change stuff constantly. 

Feel free to ask me anything about it, especially if I've written down something that does not make any sense.

EDIT: added chapter 6: languages. 
EDIT 2: other chapters are up too!
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