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Coriona (Merry Lockdown and a Happy Quarantine!)



So Covid-19 gets awarded a Greek letter every time it reinvents itself. Alpha, Delta and now Omicron are the famous ones, of course, but there were other letters as well - those just weren't interesting enough to make the news. So that got me thinking... What happens when we run out of Greek letters?

Apparently, I wasn't the only one who was wondering about that, the WHO has thought about it too: they will likely use constellations. Orion even got mentioned as an example, so naturally, this is the image that popped up in my head: Orion (my character, not the constellation) in charge of lockdowns and the thing that's supposed to save us all. Yay. We're doomed. Please, WHO, pick other constellations. Or just don't run out of Greek letters.

Fun fact: there are not one, but two constellations already named corona: Corona Borealis and Corona Australis, the northern and southern crown. what a funny mess it would be if those two would be picked for a Covid variant XD

Merry Lockdown and a Happy Quarantine everyone! Have some more covid art:

Corona, Queen of Quarantine by queenofeagles


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Wow. I'm... fascinated by Orion's body language and facial expression here, Queenofeagles. I mean... Orion is the sort of guy that... um, I feel like his own life experience has already made him kind of unhinged, lol.

But it's interesting, because he's unhinged in a sort of way that mocks the heavy weight on his shoulders. He's seen so much and been through so much that he kind of never really takes anything all too seriously. Hence, the patented grin, lol.

But seeing this... boy, if Orion actually did suddenly become responsible for an international world lockdown... I don't know man. It feels like... a special kind of madness overtaking him, haha. (I hope laughing is permissible... :stare: That's a scary look in his eyes, lol.)

I love the bright green contrast of the chains and vaccine and crown against the all the more subdued reds and browns and blues here. It doubles as rim lighting, it triples as symbolism, it quadruples as an emanating aura, and that's just freaking awesome.

Actually, I kind of feel like there could be a short story based off of this, lol. As an illustration for a book, something like this would definitely catch any discriminating reader's attention. :D