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Open: but with limitations...

I don't have much free time, and I'm not fast. So if you're in a hurry, maybe I'm not your artist. When you have a commission that truly inspires me, I might make time for it even if my commission status says 'closed'. So don't be afraid to ask.


  Digital art

Portraits show the face and sometimes shoulders of the character. Something like a hand can be visible too but, depending on how much of it is visible, might result in an extra charge. There will be an extra charge for additional characters and complex backgrounds.

His shampoo comes with sparkles by queenofeaglesDynaisajia by queenofeaglesCommission - Valentine Alavon by queenofeaglesGift - Esthrel by queenofeaglesI only wanted to draw that earcuff... by queenofeagles
simple backgrounds

Phoenix in a fiery light by queenofeagles
 complex background (the wing)

COSTS:                50.00 USD

additional characters:        +20.00 to 40.00
complex background:        +10.00 to 20.00

Half-bodies show the character from the hips and up. There will be an extra charge for additional characters, depending on how much of their body is visible, and complex backgrounds.
The gentleman by queenofeaglesHappy Valentine's Day! by queenofeaglesArt trade - Bo and Sylva by queenofeaglesI should stop using mirrors by queenofeaglesThe scholar and his dragon by queenofeagles
simple background

Vegetarian hunting by queenofeaglesSomeone forgot to colour his eyes... by queenofeaglesContest entry: fire doughnut by queenofeagles
complex backgrounds (trees, curtains, and fire)

COSTS:                65.00 USD
additional characters:        +20.00 to 50.00
complex background:        +10.00 to 40.00

Full-body drawings show, like the name implies, the entire character. Again, there will be an additional charge for extra characters and detailed backgrounds.

Contest entry - cheating chicken by queenofeagles
simple background
The Hunter In The Sky by queenofeaglesrequest - Wilbart by queenofeagles
medium complex background

Rain by queenofeaglesThe Juggler by queenofeagles
complex background

Who's Your Daddy? by queenofeaglesGift - Assassin Jump Kill by queenofeagles

very complex background

COSTS:                 80.00 USD
additional characters:         +20.00 to 60.00
complex background:          +10.00 to 50.00

Landscapes can contain characters, but they will only fill a small part of the drawing. When the character is particularly tiny, like a dragon flying high in the sky, there will be no extra charge. However, when the character takes up significant space, the costs will go up, depending on the number of characters visible. 

Highland river by queenofeaglesGift Of Light by queenofeaglesGift - leap of faith by queenofeagles
Witte Wieven - Myths and Legends Contest by queenofeagles

COSTS:               100.00 USD
one character:         +20.00 to 50.00
multiple characters:         +30.00 to 50.00

  Book covers
The price will be the same as the digital art, but with an additional charge for adding text and a full cover. You will receive a mockup and a textless version of your book cover as well.

For sale - Dragon's Flame premade book cover by queenofeaglesStarheart - premade book cover by queenofeagles

COSTS:               DIGITAL ART PRICE + 100 USD
full cover (includes back and spine):                                     +20.00 to 50.00

  Traditional art/mixed media
Ask me, as I find it very hard to estimate a price beforehand!

Like with digital art, the price scales with the contents of the image, but it also depends much more on the amount of detail, the size of the paper, and 'darkness' of the drawing. I need more time to draw dark colours and fill large areas, after all, and detail (especially hair) can be quite a pain. This makes it very hard to estimate a price. Furthermore, I require a photo for the very realistic drawings.

The drawing will be drawn on Moleskine paper, roughly A5 or A4 in size and which has a yellow-white finish. However, I often add a texture layer digitally which 'stains' the drawing. Let me know if you do not want this. 
It is possible to colour the sketch digitally for an extra charge.
You will NOT get the physical drawing, only a digital copy. If you go for a digitally coloured drawing, you'll receive the greyscale version too.

Gift - Dynaisajia by queenofeaglesFree commission - Brymm by queenofeagles

Noorderwold by queenofeagles
little, medium and high 'darkness' - A5

There is stuff growing in my hair... by queenofeaglesThere is stuff growing in my hair... (coloured) by queenofeagles
greyscale and digitally coloured - A4

killing graphite pencils - Orion by queenofeaglesThe Boyfriend (TM) by queenofeagleskilling graphite pencils - Rain by queenofeagles
very detailed portraits - A4


simple, 'light' portrait - A5:            starting at 20.00
very detailed, photorealitistic, 'dark' portrait - A4:          starting at 150.00
digital colouring:             +20.00 to 50.00

full body, half body, landscapes and multiple characters are also possible.


- You can leave a message here, note me on DeviantART or send an email to with details about your commission. I'll give you an indication of the commission price.

- I will make a simple sketch first and will share you my plans for your commission (digital art only). 

- If you agree with the sketch, I'll send you the details of my Paypal or bank account and ask for the payment. I will start working on the painting when I've received the payment. 

- I need a couple of weeks to make the painting. How much time I need exactly depends on the amount of detail in the painting, but also on how much free time I have: drawing is a hobby of mine, and I have a busy, full-time job. 

- I'll keep you updated with WIP drawings (digital art only).

- You will get a digital image of the painting when it is finished. The photoshop file will not be shared. 


- I prefer Paypal for international payments. You can transfer money directly to my bank account if you live in the Netherlands. Ask me if you want to use DA points instead. The contact email above is NOT my paypal email! I'll give you an invoice when we've settled on a price.

- My Paypal is set to US Dollars, but Euros are welcome too. Beware of conversion fees when using a different currency.

- For Dutchies, I prefer a bank transfer for payments. I'll send you a betaalverzoek.



 Do's and don'ts
- I can paint various things, but I prefer dragons, elves, humans, birds (of prey), and monsters. Sending photos or images to me of things you would like to see in the painting is always very useful. 

- I can decline the commission if you want a painting of something that I find hard to make or simply do not draw. I do not draw porn, gore, fan art and manga/anime. Anthro characters are problematic: I can either draw the ones that look very human and only have the ears of an animal, or the very realistic animal types. I'll decline characters that are a perfect mix between human and animal because it simply will not work with my drawing style. 

- I don't do refunds for finished final products. You can get a partial refund when I'm still halfway the drawing process and a full one when I never got out of the sketching phase. This only applies to digital art or complex traditional art, as I usually draw simple traditional art in one go and (hardly) do sketches.

- These prices are only an indication. The price can be raised or lowered depending on the details of the commission. For example, a very complex background will cost more than the prices mentioned here.

 Commission details
- A simple background will contain a single colour or is empty. Digital simple backgrounds might have simple textures and brush strokes as well. I consider a background to be complex if it has more details than this. I consider large objects in the foreground, like a tree stump a character might be standing on, to be part of a complex background. 

- The categories here are just guidelines. You can also have a painting that does not belong in any of these categories.

- You can specify the size and resolution of the painting, as long as my computer can handle it. 

- The final product will be a .jpg, but you can ask for a different format.

- Simple traditional art will be drawn quicker than digital art, and because of that, I will not share a sketch or WIP drawings. I hardly sketch with pencils and I don't like to interrupt my workflow by making scans.

 Ownership and use
- Art has copyrights, which are owned by the artist, even with commissions. That means that I can decide what happens with the artwork. Personal use is always fine, but I want to know beforehand if you want to use it for something like a book cover. What I certainly don't want is for someone to make money out of my work without my approval. 

- Credit me if you can and don't spread large versions of my work. You can share the drawing I made for you on the internet, but always use a small version with a watermark and link back to the version in my gallery (or to my DA page if it is not in my gallery).

- I would like to show the painting on sites or at art exhibitions. Let me know if you are not okay with that, then you and I will be the only ones who will be able to see the painting.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!
My previous commission sheet had some outdated artwork, so I decided to make a new one. Even though I like the look of the old version a lot, a journal is much easier to work with. The original sheet can be found here:

Commission info by queenofeagles
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