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Commission informationMy Purple Bullet - F2U! COMMISSION STATUS My Purple Bullet - F2U! 
Open: 2 slots!
slot 1:
slot 2:
I'll open only a few slots at a time, since I don't want to drown in work.
I don't have much freetime, so I only take on commissions I truly like - this includes more 'professional' commissions like book covers or promotional artwork. If I like your idea a lot, I'll probably make time for it, even if my commission status says 'closed'. So don't be afraid to talk to me about your ideas.
My Purple Bullet - F2U! COMMISSION TYPES My Purple Bullet - F2U! 
 My Purple Bullet - F2U! Digital art

Portraits show the face and sometimes shoulders of the character. Something like a hand can be visible too but, depending on how much of it is visible, might result i



number of spots left: NONE


EDIT: I have lowered my prices! Thanks to the changed euro - USD exchange rate, and I am not in dire need of money anymore ;)


                    How it works:

You can leave me a message or note on DeviantART with details about your commission.

I will make a simple sketch first and will share you my plans for your commission. The payment will be made after this, if you agree with this plan. I will start working on the painting when I've received the payment.

I need a couple of weeks to make the painting. How much time I need exactly depends on the amount of detail in the painting, but also how much free time I have, because painting is a hobby of mine. This time might be longer if I go through a busy period with my studies.

You will get a digital file of the painting when it is finished. 


                    How to make a payment:

I use Paypal for international payments. You can transfer money directly to my bank account if you live in the Netherlands.

I will send you details about my Paypal or bank account as soon as you have approved the sketch of the painting. ~

Beware that there are Paypal fees. The normal Paypal fee, which must be paid for most money transfers, is already included in the price. You can pay me in Euros and USD. There is a currency conversion fee, which must be paid by you if your currency is not USD or Euros. This is  2.5% of the price.
                    Important information:

These prices are only an indication. The price can be raised or lowered depending on the amount of time I need to make a painting.

I can paint various things, but I prefer dragons, elves, humans, birds (of prey), and monsters. Sending photos or images to me of things you would like to see back in the painting is always very useful. You can also specify the size and resolution of the painting, as long as my computer can handle it. I can decline the commission If you want a painting of something that I find hard to make. I decline fan art commissions, because that means breaking copyright laws.

The pictures I've posted here are just examples. You can also have a painting that does not belong in one of the three categories I have made up for commissions.

Artwork is protected by copyrights, which are owned by the artist. That means that I can decide what happens with my artwork. The commission can only be used for personal use. If you want to use it for something else, like a book cover for example, you have to get my permission. I don't want that someone else gets my artwork and makes money out of it without my approval.

I would like to show the painting on sites or at art exhibitions, but I will only do that if you are okay with it. I might want to sell prints of the commission to other people, but only if you agree with that. You and I will be the only ones who will have a copy of the painting if you do not want me to sell prints.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!
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you created this sheet graphics? What's the font you have used. I wonder if you still have this as PSD