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Band-aids won't help you now



EDIT: fooled around somewhat with the ligting and Orion's hand. Some things only catch your eye after looking at it on a different screen.

There might be some other corpses in this pic, but only the very special corpses get attention. This is all your own fault Orion, you should have listened to me more often.

Oh man, Orion's clothes used to be so detailed, but it didn't match the blurriness of the whole pic so it's gone now. I also planned to do this in colour, but the (almost) greyscale version looked pretty good as well. 

This is story art, meaning that I usually put a story snippet here if I've written the scene, but this one has SPOILER written all over it. Too bad, I think it's my favourite chapter. If you want to know what happens here, consider joining my writing corner (let me know in the comments). I'll share all my chapters there - including this one, eventually. 

More about the characters can be found here:
Character 'speedpaint' - Orion by queenofeagles Character 'speedpaint' - Morgan by queenofeagles

Orion is part of a story I am working on. The prologue can be found here:
Prologue - a State of Equilibrium 

Other artwork related to my little fantasy world can be found here:…

And here is a guide:
Guide to 'a State of Equilibrium'  
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Orion, nooo! DON'T DIE