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I'm Pam, I live in the Netherlands and I absolutely adore fantasy. I guess my artwork shows it. I draw, craft and write about it - I can't stick to a single medium. I do other things as well: I’m a devilstick juggler -go google that if you don’t know what it is, you will not be disappointed! My other hobby is archery, also incredibly awesome. Oh, and I like reading and playing a tabletop game or DnD once in a while.

I'm occassionally open to commissions! find more info here:


Well, that's it I guess. Don't be afraid to talk to me - I like having a chat.

a State of Equilibrium

Welcome to my writing project! It follows a dancer, a musician, and a juggler who end up in a terrorist attack during their show. Worse, they get seen as the culprits. More worse, the fate of the world gets involved. Far more worse, the only help they get comes from a sorcerer who is supposed to hunt them down. Worst of the worst, said sorcerer has a little obsession with death...

But it's all fun and joy, I swear! Only the humour is bad. Feel free to take a look!


A little teaser...

#1linewed - theme: CHAMP/CHAMPION!

#1linewed - theme: CHAMP/CHAMPION!

(sorry I'm late, life is busy!) MY SNIPPETS/ART I don't use 'champion' because all my characters are losers. I do have 'winner', though: “Do these bottlenecks differ much per sorcerer?” Orion tilted his head from one side to the other, weighing his answer. “Somewhat, but in general, the difference won’t give you much of an advantage or disadvantage. If you end up in a magical face-off again, brute strength will almost never determine the winner.” Oh, how kind of you to remind me of our little fight on that swampy road to Westergeest. Such fond times. How she wished she knew these things about the Equilibrium before she’d met him. FEATURE LAST WEEK'S @EleynahTheArtless Thijs exhaled jerkily and ended up coughing, but the corner of his mouth yet managed to crooked up in a smirk. Was his heart really so empty? Hell, not a second she would feel empathy for this monster. She grabbed him by his face and pulled her head close to his. ‘She is dying!-’ She growled through her teeth.
To those interested: here is a making of I made for 'Blind', Kim ten Tusscher's newest book! In Dutch. You have been warned ;)

#1linewed - theme: REGRETS

#1linewed - theme: REGRETS

The official theme is could have, would have, should have, but it's a little too long for journal titles. MY SNIPPETS/ART He wanted the tears to break free from his eyes, just to remind him he was still human, not a monster. There was not enough regret to fuel them though, at least not for the fate of his home. The people there deserved this. “It's the bow I killed you with.” A small wave of regret rolled over her. She hadn’t fully made peace with his death, but at least it no longer was strong enough to drown her in guilt. Orion nodded. “And now it's yours, with matching arrows this time. Have fun with it.” He pushed the bow and quiver into her hands. She looked at him with doubt. “Why? Do you want me to kill you again?” “That’s your idea of fun? No, once was more than enough, thank you very much." ART FEATURE LAST WEEK

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Ahhhh! Dang Eclipse! I don't know where to find the birthdays! T.T I am so sorry I missed it! I shall make it up to you I swear!

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no worries! The staff is working on displaying birthdays in eclipse, but pfff, they should have implemented it earlier :S

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They really ought of have. xD But I guess that happens when you implement a big change. Things get overlooked that you don't think about until it's too late.

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Happy Birthday! Spring Cake Type 1 2DK 50x50 icon

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thank you! :hug:

Hello queenofeagles  :wave: by elicoronel16 and welcome home!!

Thank you for joining the family of artists here at :icontheartistlounge:. We are eager to see your display of skill and talent and have it showcased in the Group! If you have any questions feel free to message us, and don't forget to check out the Group's rules.

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yay, thank you so much for the warm welcome! this place sounds fun!