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About me

About me

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So you actually want to know who I am, huh?

I'm Pam, a Jack of all Trades from the Netherlands with a deep love for fantasy. I draw, craft, and write. Other hobbies are archery and devil stick juggling - which you totally need to google if you don't know what it is, you won't be disappointed!

... You're still here? Why? Hoping something more interesting will pop up?

Very well.

I'm a sand witch. Don't tell anyone. The muggles call it a PhD in coastal morphodynamics, but they have no idea what they are truly talking about.

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a State of Equilibrium

State of Equilibrium

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Welcome to the story I've been working on longer than I'd like to admit. Follow a dancer, a musician, and a juggler who end up in a terrorist attack during their show. Worse, they get seen as the culprits. More worse, the fate of the world gets involved. Far more worse, the only help they get comes from a sorcerer who is supposed to hunt them down. Worst of the worst, said sorcerer has a little obsession with his own death...

But it's all fun and joy, I swear! Only the humour is bad. Feel free to take a look!

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Happy BDAAAAAY!!! :party: :cake: :la: No thanks to DA's missing Bday widget, I STILL managed to get the date right this year, wooooh!

I hope you're having a glorious day!! Take this virtual cake and enjoy it <3

thank you so much! and uggghhh I need that widget! Jeez DA, how hard is it to bring it back? but yaay, you remembered nonetheless :D awesome!

Thank You So Much for the favourites!

Really Admire how you devote yourself to building complete worlds using various art, concepts & skills, all distinctive yet somehow feeling "united".

Is it okay if I watch and study your efforts?

okay to watch and study me? I'd feel honoured! thank you so much for your kind words too! :hug: