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Science can only go so far and then comes God
Schall ist eine Druckwelle.
Dennoch fehlst du mir.
Behaupten das Herz sei die Quelle?
Unsinn, sage ich dir.
Neuronen, Millionen Neuronen
lagern da Schicht um Schicht.
Impulse in Cortexregionen
Emotionen gibt es nicht.
Schluchze, wenn ichs mir vorstelle.
Deine Abwesenheit missfällt.
Doch Schall ist nur eine Druckwelle
in einer sonst farblosen Welt.
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Manchmal passt es einfach nicht
ist nicht richtig
wenn sich das Licht daran bricht
stößt sich hart an kalten Kanten
bald schon gewöhnten wir uns an den Herbst
unsere Leben verdrängt verschwanden
drehen wenden
kippen biegen
ein Quader wird kein Prisma sein
wenn auch die guten Argumente überwiegen
manchmal passt es einfach nicht
dachte ich
und lachte
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Three years in love with an illusion
Three years in love with conversation
And three years later, in conclusion
Attribution to delusion?
Wasn't love always just a waste of time
of sanity, of breath, of rhyme?
And having realized I was wrong,
Havn't I moved on?
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Grün gelb weiß
Wie sie sich drehn
die Gedanken
im Kreis, im Kreis
sind frei?
sind gezwungen!
fliehen scharenweis
Rot grün braun
über den Becherrand schaun
doch ja nicht all zu weit!
denn mein Blatt lacht mich aus
lacht jetzt schon
über mich Lächerlichkeit.
Tick tack
nichts als Wassergeschmack
und klirrende Klarheit
Kein Fleiß ohne Preis
Sind nicht alle Farben in weiß?
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Vom Leben
Riechst du nicht das Weiherwunder?
Wo wachende Wichtel voll Entzücken
Sich verstecken und verstricken
In der Nachtigall Liederlücken.
Ach, ich träume wach,
gehe auf und blühe unter
wache träumend- lieblicher Holunder
sehe dich schwanken darunter.
Meine Ohren betäubt von der Stille
Meine Augen geblendet durch die Nacht
Die Taschen hat sie schon gepackt,
Die Sehnsucht die mir ins Gesichte lacht.
Und so wandle ich einsam-
Dies ist nun allein meine Welt
In der ich einsam wandle
Funkelnd, leuchtend, erhellt…
Einer Lebensdämmerung entgegen.
Muss ich denn sterben
um zu leben?
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Flabbergasted stripes,
wallpaper of white:
like a funnel -
crawling light.
A tame tank
full of falling thought
taboo la razor:
Sacred fluff!
:iconqueenofchocolate:queenofchocolate 2 0
the tips of the roots
of the tree called life,
wrapped around
the sphere that is your eye.
the tips of the roots,
visible when you smile.
the birds in the canopy
of the tree called life
no room for cold
to reign the realm of your head.
the birds in the canopy,
their song is your laughter.
the wind through the leaves
of the tree called life,
whispering its stories
of freedom and strength.
the wind through the leaves,
each story one breath.
greedily drawing red water
from that organ of love
(the tree called life)
creating a steady music
as i lie myself to rest
weak and weary,
my head on your chest.
:iconqueenofchocolate:queenofchocolate 1 1
Aviator Sunglasses
on another innocent nose.
an empty smile.
I slowly start floating
on a currant of stars
through concrete buildings.
I'm just a horse with blinders
A moth that sees no light.
Veins, the color of trees through my skin,
solid as rubber.
soft metal touches cold flesh.
All I need is a shoulder.
Why do peanuts always come in pairs of two?
crushed shells on the floor.
:iconqueenofchocolate:queenofchocolate 1 0
of houses and hurricanes
my heart, a grain of sand
golden, not gold
you're a thief taking it
back to the depths.
watching it tumble
crack when it hits the ground.
your symptoms sound as if
it's all just wood or marble to you.
"pick it up, put it back!" i say
salt water in my eyes
i loathe you.
back to the depths.
:iconqueenofchocolate:queenofchocolate 1 2
longing for freedom
"Just three more feet!"
Just another failed attempt.
Feeble wings can't carry...
up high
up, away
a desparing cry
"let me go!"
:iconqueenofchocolate:queenofchocolate 1 1
you, me
not the same?
silence that lingers
awkward, deafening
trying to drum it away
with vivacious fingers
roaming around
this abyss- the mind
desperate for words
no words to be found
we just sit
i look at you
i like you
too much?
:iconqueenofchocolate:queenofchocolate 1 1
une amie
L'amie est celle qui
mange du chocolat
avec toi
bien qu'elle soit
au regime
:iconqueenofchocolate:queenofchocolate 0 2
at night it's colder than outside
when indigo moths flee from the light
and the pitch black darkness shines ever so bright
on the vivid bodies of those that have died
and coke tastes better than out of a can
i think as i watch the solely feminine man
can't keep from seeing the pale translucent tan
where was i when this epidemic hatred began?
there is a reason for silence
:iconqueenofchocolate:queenofchocolate 1 1
dark and warm
they caress my skin
rays of truth
burn a hole where my heart had been
a hole right through me
as i experience sin
no more feeling
you can't feel pain when the air's closing in
it's slowly suffocating me
but the truth does no longer sting
how can i still be ...
:iconqueenofchocolate:queenofchocolate 2 2
red velvet
it sprung from her lips,
trickled down her chin,
dripped on her white blouse.
red velvet, watery, thin.
her body made of glass
so fragile and led astray
while her eyes clearly reflected
time... fading away.
oh, this weary song of love
of which the melody is lost
of which the lyrics were forgotten
of which the boundaries aren't crossed.
she lay there upon the carpet
torn between wrong and right
"every dream is a journey away"
red velvet... on a sea of white.
dream of me,
would you die for love tonight?
:iconqueenofchocolate:queenofchocolate 2 2
who can compare?
How clumsily
it hits the floor.
How it spreads,
cold and unfeeling.
Taking over everything.
Harsh, insensitive
Desperately yearning for control
for uncovering the veiled.
There's no room for secrets.
The light.
How her flame
unburdens your soul
ever so lonely, ever so lame,
kindles your fingers
but warms your toes.
with that warmth that lingers.
Your beautiful protecting hand
wrapped around her frail flicker.
Yet, you expect me to understand?
That here is no need for secrets.
A candle in your hand.
What am I still to you?
:iconqueenofchocolate:queenofchocolate 2 0



Current Residence: germany
Personal Quote: life's too short


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