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Deviation Spotlight

Deviation Spotlight

Silent Hill Promise: Wrap up by doctorcorby, literature

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I do a lot of different art including creepy art and cute art. I love making comics, fanart, OCs, games and adoptables.

Ish, anyway. remember you can see the archive at
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This is advance fee fraud. The scam is they pocket the "gas fee" and disappear. anyone who's offering you money, but then telling you you have to pay a fee to get that money is a scammer, whether that's a supposed nigerian prince with his money in a foreign bank, a "world lottery", or someone trying to "buy your art" an honest NFTbro would have paid the gas fee/taken it out of the offered price of the artwork. I knew this was the case when the "buyer" approached me and went along for a giggle to see how long it would last until the scam is revealed.
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What is Promise //OTHERSIDE// Otherside is a ‘what if’ type of story, branching off of a moment in Silent Hill: Promise. It should be considered an alternate universe, and not a canonical ending or path to the original Promise. If the original author can write fanfiction for their own work, that’s what this is. Silent Hill: Promise as a story is finished and over. OTHERSIDE is not a continuation. It is really a ‘for fun’ AU I am doing for myself, because I want to return to the characters, themes and ideas and play with them from a new perspective. Returning to the world of Promise has crossed my mind before, but now that Silent Hill itself, and Silent Hill 2 are returning to the world thanks to Konami, I really couldn’t get it out of my mind.
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