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I feel pretty, oh so pretty

Just a new lineart picture. I felt like putting Moreta and Toxa into some different clothes, so here we are :D.
Moreta has her hand up like that because she was casting a spell in the rough sketch.

I was also going to colour this but offered it to :iconkabren: for another collab :).

tell me what you guys think, I'd love to hear some feedback.

now back to colouring my other pictures I'm working on.

Also if you fave this I would appreciate a comment, as I like to hear what it is people like about a picture (so I know to do it again in future pictures).

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Your lines are very clean and clear, I love how to you did this one and the title fits well with the picture too :D.
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heheh thankyou very much, nice to hear such a thing about my lines really as I do worry about them being wobbly in places XD.
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You're very welcome :D
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Wow, REALLY complex clothing detail there. Kudos for more patience than I'd have!
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heheh thanks :) I do like details but usually I do better with details when I'm drawing a topic I'm good at but that isn't always the case D:.
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^_^ Yee have'n fun coloring this!
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glad to hear that :D, I had fun drawing it X3.
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