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Happy New Year

And here is my late New Years picture, though at least it's not as late as my christmas pic from last year XD.
I was hit by inspiration for this picture from the sight I saw outside my home on New Years night.
The sky was filled with orange dots of tonnes of chinese flying lanterns, since I moved here earlier in the year I didn't know this would happen, it was awesome to see too.

So here are some of my characters seeing what I saw but also releasing their own lantern.

All character are (c) to me.

sonic the hedghog style echidna's and hedghogs are (c) to SEGA.
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© 2011 - 2021 queenmoreta
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Even Damien has a bit of a look of wonder on his face. That's really something. and her sitting on his shoulder, awww X3 
i love the glow in the lanterns against the dark blue sky, you really captured that. (I know next to nothing about digital brushes, but the ones you made for this worked well)
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heheh yeah I couldn't resist playing with that expression for him :). ALSO couldn't resist that too, having Charity sitting on his shoulder, it was too cute to not do!.

Thank you so much! it was something I had experimented with but because I was kinda new to  making my own brushes I sorta lost the file : (.
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Damion...not grumpy!

Love the pic.
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i couldn't make him grumpy not after seeing what i saw that night :). so i gave him a hint of amazement too.
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LANTERNS. I think this picture is so cool! The colors of the lanterns vs the sky work well together, and even Grumpifaic looks like he's feelin' a sense of wonder there. ;)
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:giggle: grumpifaic has not seen anything like it before so yeah X3. can't see a sight like that and look grumpy, seeing what i saw in real life was amazing :D.
I like how my mute vampire has perched herself on his shoulder X3.

ps if you had photoshop i would send you my two piece lantern brush i made to use in this piccy :D.
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Do you have that brush somewhere?

May I see it? Please?
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i have it on mah hard drive and you can see it in my picture XD. lol but if you mean examples of the two brushes then i'll throw something together for you to see.
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"i have it on mah hard drive and you can see it in my picture"
:roll: Wouldn't do me any good if the first wasn't true, and I'd have nothing to ask for if the second wasn't true.

(Looks like I'm not the only one with a warped sense of humor. :D)

I wouldn't mind the chance to play around with the brushes myself.
I think you can actually upload them for other deviants to use. Not sure if you can place any kind of restrictions on them, though. But that rather depends on if you'd even want to.
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hmm well seeing it's a new brush and one with results i really feel quite pleased with i don't think i want to give it to everyone.
i would feel better emailing it to you :).
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Okey-doke. Email address is on my deviantID.

Or if you have a website, you could try what I did for someone else.
I uploaded a work in progress to my site (root folder, so no "directory" for someone to browse) and just sent the link via private message. Or when I sent drawings later, and PM'd the person with a link to one of my Picasa folders. Which I'd set to private for anyone who didn't have that link. (She never did say she'd actually gotten them, though. Or if she still wants to try doing anything with them, especially now that I've got my version up.)
No guarantee either method is truly any more "private" than an email, though.

And one of these days, I should try making my own brush(es).
Some day.
If I ever progress past the stage of "playing with" PhotoShop. (Like that will ever happen. I like playing.)
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email sounds easier than faffing about with an upload sight, personally i have a photobucket, which is private :).
it is interesting playing about with making brushes, there are plenty of tutorials on how to make them :). which version of photoshop do you have? i have 7.
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I wouldn't mind seeing that lantern brush.... At least, if that offer wasn't exclusive. :roll:
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do you use photoshop?
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Why yes, yes, I do.
Well, I don't "use" PhotoShop more than I simply "play" with PhotoShop, but same difference where brushes are concerned, right?

Have a lookie at my Graphic Design final project from a few years back.
I have the original large picture (the instructor wanted something like a 9 x 12), or a smaller screen capture.
Three photos, three different sources, all merged together.

And then there's playing with the settings as I experiment with my drawings....
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yeah i saw that image looks pretty funky. i like the depth in it. and the space background looks very pretty.
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Which one do you think looks better? I have my own likes and dislikes about both of them, myself.

It's also the only project I liked that I did in that class.
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hmm i do like the large one becuse it's a bit darker but i also like how the smaller one is a bit brighter. i like them both XD.
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Hehehe, even the creepy ones celebrate ^_^
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