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Damion Vs Spectre

I asked a commission from :iconjetstreamx: to do my demonic, necromancer echidna character Damion fighting my favorite brotherhood guardian Spectre. i had a go at colouring it and this is the results : ). i'm really pleased with the chaos energy on spectre.

and no, i wont be a god modding noob and say Damion Pwns Spectre. Damion is much older than knuckles and has lots of magical experience but what he is experienced in is far more different to chaos energy which is something spectre is skilled with hands down. Damion loses this battle but i would imagine put up a very good fight.

Damion is (c) to me
Spectre is (c) Archie comics,
original linework (c) :iconjetstreamx:
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;p i gotta agree, it would be really cool to see these two fight!

Damion is a really interesting character. where did you come up with the idea? 0.o i am curious...:D
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This is awsome!!! Its so enthrilling! :clap:
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Someone needs to eventually explain to me this sonic the hedgehog internet phenomenon, because I don't get it...

Good coloring job regardless. I know how annoying digital coloring can be. I can't do glows well at all.
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Its so famous because of its versaltillity, you can have ALLOT of artistic fun with the style, its very addictive :XD: and fanfiction usually is involved as well lol XD
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Great job on Spectre's robe.
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Spectre: instant awesome ^_^

Sweet pic!
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