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One Piece OC: Claire. (BEING UPDATED)

DISCLAIMER: Artwork (c) to :iconuntruthfull:
SHE DREW THIS FOR ME. I just reuploaded it with my OC's information!


-General Information-

Full Name: Claire
Age: 20 // 22 Post Time Skip
Birthday: January 27th
Birthplace: Moonwood Island, South Blue
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Height: 5'6" (167cm)
Weight: 160lbs (72.5kg)
Body Type: Pear-Shape; wide hips and thick thighs with a small chest. Trim waisted, muscular legs but retains her womanly softness.
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Sanguine garnet
-A large chunk of skin/flesh missing from her left shoulder and collarbone area. It was cauterized and healed grotesquely.
-Claw marks on ribs.
Note: She tends to conceal her scars with glamour
Wardrobe Style: Modest, Feminine Steampunk. Casual consists of your basics trousers/shorts and shirt combinations.
Accessories: Heart-Pendant necklace, silver ring and matching thin-rimmed glasses.

Notoriety and Social Status

Epithet: The Silverblood
Crew: Strawhat Pirates
Position: Magician
Bounty History:
-50,000,000 Beli prior to meeting the Strawhats.
-Increased to 110,000,000 Beli following the events of Enies Lobby.
Note: Currently the only pirate wanted  strictly ALIVE by the Government.

Immediate Family
Mother: Lumiel
Father: Unknown. (Suspected to be a rogue pirate.)
Siblings: Coyote (Brother; 18. Marine). Rose (Sister, 28, Pose Artificer)

Love Interest: Roronoa Zoro

Combat Information

Primary Weapon: Naginata (also called a Glaive).
Stats: 7ft (213cm) total length. 1.5ft (45cm) of a slightly curved blade and 5.5ft (167cm) of staff.
Secondary Weapon: Arming Sword
Stats: 35in (90cm) total length. 27in (68cm) of blade, 8in (20cm) of hilt. Straight, double edged sword. Carried occasionally for certain adventures or battles.

Proficiency with Weapons: Adept with both, perhaps more so with her Naginata than with her sword.

-High Speed
-High Stamina
-Excellent reflexes and overall coordination.

-Lacking peripheral of her right eye.
-Low Strength
-Left knee is arthritic, balance can be knocked off if hit.
-Standard Devil Fruit weakness to seawater/standing water.
-Gold: Bindings such as shackles or collars forged from gold will make Claire docile and fatigued. A golden bridle can be forged to capture her in her beast zoan form. She avoids handling treasure and wearing gold jewelry because of this.

Haki: Obtains Colour of Armament and Observation Haki during Two-Year Timeskip. Not quite mastered but usable.

Devil Fruit Information

Fruit Name: Rin Rin no Mi // Unicorn Unicorn Fruit.
Type: Mythical Zoan
Appearance: Blue Dragonfruit
Date Eaten: Just before her 18th birthday.

Zoan Forms
Beast: Her feral, quadruped form. A white unicorn with a silvery white mane and lion-like tufted tail. She stands 16-hands at the withers. Cloven hoofed and with a horn that is about 2ft long. She is fast, nimble and has the strength to crush bones with her hooves and gore people with her horn in this form.
Satyr: Her body from the waist down morphs into the hind-legs of a unicorn, boosting her height to 6ft with powerful thigh muscles and cloven hoofs. She gains a speed and power boost in this form, as well as dexterity and nimbleness.
Partial: Pretty much, she is able to morph any one to three parts of her body into unicorn features. Such as her ears to increase her hearing, her hands into hooves to boost her melee combat, turning her hair white, etc.
Anthromorph: Gained after the two-year timeskip, she can shift into an anthro unicorn. Either with a humanesque or muzzle face and with human-like hands and upper torso; from her waist down, she has unicorn legs and hooves. This form includes gaining fur, her tail, ears and horn all associated with her feral self.
Oni-Rin or Demon Unicorn: A monstrosity that was spawned accidentally on the Sabaody Archipelago when they faced Kizaru. It stands 10ft tall, with a similar body to her anthro-self but however is equipped with razor sharp claws, two twisted horns, predatory teeth and a split tail.

Other Devil Fruit Abilities

Blood Properties: Upon consuming the zoan fruit, Claire's blood took on the quality of a unicorn's- it turned silver. Her blood, when ingested by others, can heal internal injuries and provide an energy boost. It can also be used externally to speed healing and drive away infection. Dr. Vegapunk hypothesized that her blood could even be used to create an elixir of immortality. 

Longevity/Immortality: While not confirmed by records, the Rin Rin no Mi imbues its host with long-life. Slowing aging once the user reaches their prime and can possibly extend life for several hundred years. However, because mortals cannot handle the stress of living beyond about 150 years (they go insane from watching their loved ones age and die without them), previous users would commit suicide or die due to other circumstances. The longest lived user killed himself at the age of 230.

Healing: Requiring physical contact between the user and the wounded, Claire is able to mend wounds by transferring her lifeforce into the injured and reconstructing their body. This is extremely risky if she is low on energy or if the wound is life-threatening. Following the healing, her body suffers recoil damage and depending upon the severity, the recoil can knock her out.

Illusions: Unicorns are masters of illusions and through the Devil Fruit, Claire can cast illusions to fool enemies. Depending upon their complexity, they can either use little or a lot of energy to cast.

Water Purification: This ability is rather minor but effective. Claire can purify tainted water, from lakes to glasses, detect drugs in drinks and render them ineffective. This does not work on seawater.

Limited Telepathy: Usable mainly through physical or close proximity, Claire can communicate with others through telepathy. Following the two-year time skip, she was able to range this out to about a hundred yards but no more than that.

Limited Light Element Manipulation: Similar but not exact, like Kizaru, Claire can summon and manipulate light. This usually is shown through summoning little balls of light, making illusions with it and even creating wards (shields) with it.

Personality Traits

Star Sign: Aquarius
Defining Aspects: Introverted, Intelligent, Loyal, Affectionate, Stubborn, Honest.
Vices: Short-Tempered, Prideful, Defensive.

Summary: Claire generally comes off, when alone, as a rather quiet and observant type. She speaks when spoken to and always considers her replies before blurting out anything. She doesnt like to socialize in big groups, especially at parties but that doesnt mean she wont. Enjoying the company of good friends and family, when comfortable she is rowdy, loud, affectionate and amicable.
However, she can be horribly stubborn when it comes to certain decisions, loathes the idea of not being in control of herself or her actions and can be relatively easy to provoke her ire if you push the right buttons. She is viciously loyal to friends and family, going so far as to even throw herself in danger's way if she must to protect someone and wont hesitate to leap to a friend's defense.

-Chews her lip when nervous or when reading.
-Fiddles with her jewelry when bored.
-Talks and sings to herself a lot.
-Usually giggles like a hyena whenever someone looks at her with a serious face.
-Easily snuck upon on her right side.

Other Information

Other Skills:
-Sleight of Hand
-Musically Inclined: Singing, Flute and Piano.

Diet: Vegetarian
Exceptions: Can consume some fish and certain sub-species of Sea King. Hit and miss with the Sea-King meat.
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Amazing character design ^^
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Thank you! Im slowly updating her
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cool oc!!

would you like to join the one piece fan manga im making?
its about making our OC and their story on the one piece universe..

feel free to check if your interested..

chapter 1…

special chapter…

and this is the group…
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soo? Is that a yes? :3
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Sure n_n although I cannot draw worth my life.
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Its fine.. its not all bout drawing that you can contribute..
maybe you can contribute short story something like that..
Or being there is also fine! :D
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Holy cows of all mamma mia! She's gorgeous! :love:

And interesting information! :D
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Oh my god thank you :iconblushplz:
Thank you so much for your feedback, I love feedback ;; its very important to a writer like myself.
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Of course! You're welcome! Always love to comment on outstanding work and a good story :D
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She looks awesome my friend! :D
I forgot to leave a comment im sorry ^^;
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She's very interesting ! :D It was fun to read about her whole facts and she has balanced power (not mary sue at all ) :) The most interesting about her is her   devil fruit XD Its the first time I've ever seen an OC with this kind of fruit . Can I add her to my favourite lists of OCs ?
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Of course! Thank you, I really try to make my characters believable. I should edit it to add her complete weaknesses. *Goes to do that now actually*

Her devil fruit spawned from her original design before I modified her to fit the One Piece world, my friend helped me translate it into the roper way the fruits are written in the japanese show/manga. :3
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You're very welcome and just keep up the great work ! :D Look forward to see more of her though xD
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I actually have plenty of her art in my Favorites xD I may repost a few pieces with more information about her. I still havent done her relationships summary and some tidbits from her past, like how she got her scars. :>
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