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This is a small tutorial to help out anyone that isn't fully up to date on this.

um yeah.
I'm not good at intros.
Here we go.

Step One by QueenLlamacornCake

Step one: Change whatever thing you have as your featured deviation to a 1x1 image.
This isn't necessary, it just looks nicer this way.

Step Two by QueenLlamacornCake

Now your page should look like this.

Step two: Find the code you want to use

Step Three by QueenLlamacornCake

There are plenty of free codes on da.
If you're a non core member- look for the codes only using html.

Codes with CSS:   Codes using only HTML:
Core Codes by QueenLlamacornCake   Non Core by QueenLlamacornCake

Step Three Pt 2 by QueenLlamacornCake

Step two and a half: Click the link in the description of the code you want to use.
See that link? Yeah, click that.

Step Four by QueenLlamacornCake

Step three: Copy the code linked in the description.
Make sure you copy all of the code. 

Step Five by QueenLlamacornCake

Step four: paste the code into the description section of your featured deviation.

Final Step by QueenLlamacornCake

Step five: Profit.
Um yeah that's it.

Note: You do this same thing for every code. It's the same process if you want it in your pointbox section or DA ID.

Code collections you can look through:

 X  X  X  X  X  X

See also:

You tube embed
How to edit those codes you've been using.


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April 6, 2017


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