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Goth Shooting Star  Hey look, I'm back! Goth Shooting Star (Right)  

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Sorry I fell off the grid, especially after opening requests.
I feel like I should give an explanation as to why I just disappeared, so: in July my mental state got a lot worse really really quick, and I ended up not being very productive in general or active here after that. After I was able to function again, things came up- I only just got back on my socials yesterday after I didn't have access to wifi for about two weeks due to travel.
So that's what happened. I'm not trying to make excuses for vanishing or anything, but I figured a journal update would be a good idea.

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I'm back now, and hopefully I can get stuff done.
I still want to get those watcher thank you's done, along with requests.
I will probably be slow with those as my real life gets more busy- but I'm going to get them done sometime anyway.

My updated to do list:
black heart [version 1]  6 Highlighted Requests
black heart [version 1]  7 Watcher Thank You's
black heart [version 1]  2 or 3 Codes for hitting the 500 watcher mark
black heart [version 1] More f2u art

Goth Shooting Star kaomoji set 1 6/19  And that's all. Thanks for reading!~~ Goth Shooting Star (Right) 

rose heart bow Sorry everyone for the sudden hiatus.rose heart bow 
My area was hit with a very, very bad storm.

We lost all power for around a week, although most of the damage was cleared early on.
We only just got the internet back now, so I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

I finally have internet back and it seems like I have it back for good now, so I'm getting back to work here. I just want to give a big thank you for everyone's positive comments on my codes/page! I really appreciate it.
 kaomoji set 2 18/67

ppgrainbow - I'll get started sending out notes today! I'm sorry for not being here before, I'm excited to work hard for this years Summer Secret Santa!
Atlas-White - Your final, finished commission should be up before the end of the week, big thanks for your patience.

rose heart bowChitanda Bowing Iconrose heart bow

Thank you all again for being patient, and once again- sorry for the trouble!
Pixel: Christmas Hat Pink Pastel Christmas Tree !!! Pink Pastel Christmas Tree Pixel: Christmas Hat 

 For the Secret-Santa-Network's Summer Secret Santa!

If you haven't signed up already, you can do so by making a journal with your wishlist and submitting it to the group

Signups are open until May. ^u^

Rose Red Bullet - F2U!  Username: Queenllamacorncake
Bullet; Green  Drawing style: Mixed
Rose Red Bullet - F2U!  Skill level: Intermediate
Bullet; Green  Traditional or digital illustration: I'll be doing digital!
Rose Red Bullet - F2U!  Character(s): Whichever one of these you're most comfortable drawing:,,,,
Bullet; Green  Theme: Chill vibes. Something calm. 
Rose Red Bullet - F2U!  Anything that you would like to add?: Don't worry about getting anything perfect! Take your time and do your best, I'm super easy to please so please don't fret yourself over anything. Just have some fun okay? No pressure ♥ Huggle! 

I didn't sign up for this too early because I wasn't sure if I would be able to participate.
Everything looks good now though, so I figured I'd go ahead and put in my wishlist.

This is always a lot of fun, and I'm glad I can be a part again this summer!
Pink Snow Globe Green Snow Globe Red Snow Globe Green Snow Globe Pink Snow Globe Red Snow Globe Green Snow Globe Pink Snow Globe Red Snow Globe Green Snow Globe Pink Snow Globe Red Snow Globe Green Snow Globe Pink Snow Globe Red Snow Globe Green Snow Globe Pink Snow Globe Red Snow Globe Green Snow GlobePink Snow Globe  
If you offer commissions that are under 1000 points- leave a comment with your info down below.
I'm not really looking to spend that much exactly, I just want to make the net wider. So I'll favour the cheaper commissions.
(Once I get what I need I'll leave this up so people can keep posting their info and ads.)

I need:
- Ref sheets of:
(/) - Ellie

I'm always looking for:
- Clothing Commissions/adopts (0-100p)
- Cheapo Art (0-150p)
- Anything Halloween themed. (Gore commissions, spoopy things) All year round, baby
- Cheepo Writing Comms (like, under 200p for small things)
- Trades/Anything where we can barter using art and characters
(X) = Still Needed
(/) = Hold
(♥) = No longer needed

Note: If your commissions are cheap, I'll feature them so myself and others can find you more quickly.

Tagged by ChaotiChimera
thank you for including me TuT :hug:

1. Post These rules.

2. Post 8 facts about your character.

3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about (which leads to rule 4).

4. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them.



Diablos was originally going to be another very dark character: aggressive, mysterious, sadistic and cruel.
However, that doesn't fit the concept of death correctly; furthermore, it's too cliche to hold any value.
I, personally, have many different reasons for not really seeing death as a bad thing in the first place; and to me, death is far less scary than life.
Death is a kind release from pain for a lot of people, and in the end, it's the one thing that unites everything from your weird neighbour to a distant fiery sun.
Everything ends, and I think that's beautiful; thus I wanted Dia to be beautiful as well.


I didn't like the original idea of having Dia being a grim reaper type after some time either.
It didn't fit his personality, and I didn't like having it being a thing that weighed on him.
So I had the idea of Diablos having a shift in personality after being shown the beauty of life by a young Mexican girl.
She invites him to celebrate Day of the Dead with her and her family each year, thinking he's a lost spirit.
He would take on the role as a sort of keeper of life after grieving that same girl, the first time he would feel attached enough be able to do such a thing.
That's also when he would get the colorful markings on his skin, signifying a big shift in his character.


He's basic.
Starbucks and pumpkin spice for life tbh.
He totally has a secret Instagram.


Dia sucks at controlling his new life based powers.
He's only had them for a hundred years or so, so he isn't used to them.
Instead of causing and controlling misfortune, death, and loss, along with inflicting ailments/plagues and reaping the dead; Dia now can grant luck and fortune to those he chooses, along with extending, healing, growing, and creating life.
Controlling life is all fun and games until you try to leave the house, only to realize you accidentally grew your houseplants too big and now they've covered the door.


You know how in old legends the life gods/goddesses can just give women children or spawn a kid of their own through ~magic~?
Dia can do that; and although he doesn't plan on having magic kids anytime soon, he can 100% accidentally have kids after getting too emotional or after just shaking hands with someone he connects with emotionally.
(He technically has two children I made for him, but neither of them are cannon to his character. Just fun crack ship kids.)
(Tbh, he kinda doesn't know what to do as a dad for children, but he can better handle them and their needs as adults.)
(Mom group Dia: because no one cares about your pinterest or gluten squares, Nancy)


I made his original design after screwing up drawing heads and venting on the paper.


Dia chose Nov. 2 as his "Birthday" after Reggie made him start to celebrate his existence.


He's a hufflepuff.

Tagging others okay here we goooo:
1. :iconadventurousgirl118: Dazneth
2. :iconame-is-not-a-cow: Charley Fromage
3. :iconplyt0: Efeo
4. :icongreenangel5: Greenie
5. :iconqueensophiachan: Pennie
6. :icontskaa: Dex
7. :iconroguskii: your green haired son. idk his name but he looks rad
8. :iconro-ses: Puppeteer
. Free Welcome Banner . by panzellaa rose for me? F2U by Adorelee. Free Commission Banner . by panzella
F2U cute sprouts 3 by AdoreleeF2U cute sprouts 3 by AdoreleeF2U cute sprouts 3 by AdoreleeF2U cute sprouts 3 by AdoreleeF2U cute sprouts 3 by AdoreleeF2U cute sprouts 3 by AdoreleeF2U cute sprouts 3 by AdoreleeF2U cute sprouts 3 by AdoreleeF2U cute sprouts 3 by AdoreleeF2U cute sprouts 3 by Adorelee

Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2]  Kao Emoji-22 (Angry) [V1] 
I'm willing to draw:  ||  I will not draw:
:check: Male and female humanoids.  ||  Pedophilia, hebephilia x
:check: Male/female furry/feral  ||  Overly satanic imagery x
:check: Oc x Cannon  ||  Nsfw sexual content x
:check: Gore  ||  Anything political x
Ask if you aren't sure if your character fits any of these don'ts! I won't bite. <3

Half Shelf by SnazzyKatt
|| A chibi of your oc ||
Plain: 50p
Soft: 45p
Scratchy: 35p
+10p For every extra character
Simple backgrounds are free!
EXAMPLES: Plain, Soft, Scratchy
Pastel Shelf by SnazzyKatt
|| A fullbody drawing of your mlp oc or feral character ||
Plain: 20p 
+5p For every extra character
Simple backgrounds are free!
EXAMPLES: Pony, Pony, Other, Other
Half Shelf by SnazzyKatt
|| A bust of your oc ||
Plain: 50p
Scratchy: 25p
Soft: 40p
+10p For every extra character
Simple backgrounds are free!
EXAMPLES: Plain, Scratchy,
Pastel Shelf by SnazzyKatt
|| A drawing of your character from the thighs up. ||
Plain: 60p
Soft: 50p
+10p For every extra character
Simple backgrounds are free!
EXAMPLES: Plain, Soft
Half Shelf by SnazzyKatt
|| A fullbody drawing of your oc ||
Plain: 70p
Soft: 60p
+15p For every extra character
Simple backgrounds are free!
EXAMPLES: Plain, Soft

Pastel Shelf by SnazzyKatt
Ref Sheet:
|| HUMANOID ONLY. Sorry. ||

[FOOD] Candy Plant (F2U) by Zombhood
♥ To-Do: ♥

♥ Will Tag When I Open Again: 

♥ Finished Commissions: ♥

Thanks again, you guys!

Pixel Rose Divider - Black ! I need fresh art examples for my commissions, so requests are open ! Pixel Rose Divider - Black 

Tiny Pixel Rose - Black  I also need to work on my art style a bit more, so this is also to try and solidify my style a bit. Tiny Pixel Rose - Black  

Now that I'm less overwhelmed with art things to do, I figure now is a good time for some commission prep requests.
I want to do a bunch of mini request themes before I open commissions again though, including:
(x) Drawing your feral/nonhuman as a humanoid requests
(x) Pastel child requests
(x) Ref Sheet Requests
This will just be the first part of that.

I was going to do one a day but then I just stopped functioning, so yeah.
Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Double Rose - Black - Right Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black 

:check:  I'm willing to draw:check: 
Male and female humanoids.
Male/female furry/feral
Gore themed Oc's
Complex Oc designs

Comment this form below with as many of your characters as you'd like, you can suggest more than one.
Double Rose - Black - RightUsername: 
Pixel Flower Bullet - Black Name of character: 
Pixel Flower Bullet - Black Ref: 
Pixel Flower Bullet - Black Three things your character likes: 
Pixel Flower Bullet - Black Special notes: 
(You do not have to be a watcher to request)

What I end up drawing could be anything from a sketch to a coloured fullbody
I'll be trying a lot of new things as well, so it might not look like the rest of the things in my gallery.
so please don't be upset if the result isn't what you thought it would be.
I'll feature any comments I plan on doing.

Rose's Rose - BLACK Black Rose Rose's Rose - BLACK  
Finished Requests: 
{Request} Edgy by QueenLlamacornCake{Request} Strawberry Babe by QueenLlamacornCake{Request} She's good by QueenLlamacornCake
{Request} Foxy by QueenLlamacornCake  {Request} Point by QueenLlamacornCake

Bullet; Red Username: QueenLlamacornCake
Bullet; Green Drawing style: Mixed
Bullet; Red Traditional or digital illustration: Either is fine!
Bullet; Green Preferred media that you would like to use: Digital
Bullet; Red Character(s): Sabrina X - Diablos X X X - Cake X X X - Charlotte X X 
Choose whatever is easiest for you to draw! Don't stress!
Bullet; Green Theme: Christmas Party!
Bullet; Red Anything that you would like to add?: Please don't worry about getting everything right or not doing good enough! Just put in some effort and I'll love it. No stress, okay! Enjoy yourself! You got this.

Here I am, signing up again.
This is always super fun to do, so I'm pumped!
Go sign up for the event, it's worth your time: Wishlist Application Template
It feels nice to be included. ^u^
Thanks to K-KAT7773 for tagging me!

1.You have to post ALL rules
2.Answer 12 questions that you have been asked, then create 12 for the others that you choose to tag to answer
3.Choose 12 people
4.Tag those people
7.You must do the journal entry
5.You cant say you don't do tags
6.Tag backs are ALLOWED

1: where is your family from?
Pretty much everywhere at this point.

2: what is your favorite TV show?
I'm not sure, hard to pick a favourite, but I'll go with Doctor Who.

3: what fandoms are you part of?
Homestuck, Nightvale, Sherlock, Etc.

4: do you like sweet, sour, or savory foods?

5: what do you like drawing the most? 
People mainly, but I actually like doing vent art a lot. Helps ease stress.

6: what is some weird skill/talent that you have?
I can.... roll my tongue?

7: have you created many OCs?
Too many. I want to make more.
I have a slight problem.

8: if you could live anywhere else in the world, where would you want to live?
Somewhere not crowded.

9: do you speak any other languages?
I can read a minuscule amount of Italian

10: what is something you've done before that you have regretted?
Getting caught up in other people's opinions of me.

11: how has your life been nowadays? Any drama?
Well, I found two new sons, and the love of my life this year.
I also made great strides overcoming years of pent up abandonment issues!

12: when did you discover that you wanted to be an artist? (Or that you liked art)
Idk. I've always been into art really.

Right okay questions for others, right:

1. What's something that makes you happy after a bad day?
2. Who is someone that you love?
3. Chocolate or Vanilla
4. At the end of your life your guardian angel gives you two choices for your next life, you could:
Become a spirit animal for someone in past times.
Become a guardian angel for someone that lived after you.
Which do you want to become and why?
5. Do you like gummy candy?
6. Is there anyone you hate? Why do you hate them? Could you learn to love them?
7. Christmas: Yay or Nay
8. Are you ready for the skeleton war?
9. Do you like to eat meat?
10. If you could give one piece of advice to everyone around the world, what advise would you give?
11. What's your favourite fish?
12. Favourite day of the year?

You're it, have fun. ♥
CelestineChaos PainterGoof Adventurousgirl118 DYSANlA Tskaa What-is-that0-o StormyDrawsStuff cxIpurnia knighttemplar1 QueenSophiaChan buttbum AprilTheFurry

You've seen them literally everywhere, so now lets learn how to edit them a bit.

Just a note: Not every code maker likes their codes to be edited! Please read the persons rules before you do anything, and do not upload the edited code without the original owners permission.

1 by QueenLlamacornCake

So you have a code you've been using.
You've been meaning to change that art status, but you don't know where to look.

2 by QueenLlamacornCake
See those highlighted bits?

3 by QueenLlamacornCake

'hr' stands for horizontal line. Those lines that you see here.
I know that I for one use the horizontal line, or < hr > a lot to break up my code.
It makes things look neat and divides different sections nicely.

Use < hr > as a guide to find out where you are in a code.

4 by QueenLlamacornCake

Once you use the < hr > to find out where you are, go ahead and change the thumbcodes.

5 by QueenLlamacornCake

Yay blue.


14 by QueenLlamacornCake

Now, lets say you changed the status, but that side image doesn't fit your aesthetic as well as you'd like it too.
You have a picture you want to use, but how would you go about changing that image to yours?

Let me explain some simple things you need to know to change an image:

6 by QueenLlamacornCake
7 by QueenLlamacornCake

- I'm going to use this handy little window as an example of how image coding works because it's easy to find. -

Using the < hr > as a guide, find out where the code for the image is.
This window is in between the first two lines, so look for the two < hr > (circled in blue)

Now that you found the two < hr >, you know you should look in between the code for the image code you want.

As you can see there, right next to the first < hr > is < a href = " " >

< a href = " " > is the code to set a link.
At the end of that code you have < / a > which breaks the link.

< img src = " " > is the code to set pictures into a page.
You do not have to break this code.

setting < a href = " " > before < img src = " " > < / a > makes that picture a link.

Within the img code you can see some settings for the image, but don't worry about those right now.
What's important is the text in between the quotes within the image code.
That's the image URL. That's what you'll need to change to set your image in place of the one already there.

Alright, so moving on to changing that image:

15 by QueenLlamacornCake

Get the image you want to use up, and right click on the image.
Select "Open image in new tab"
Then copy the url at the top of the page.

16 by QueenLlamacornCake

The url should end with, .gif or .png or .jpeg or something of a similar nature, not in .com

17 by QueenLlamacornCake

 This picture is right after the second < hr > (underlined in blue)
You ave the link code there, and right after that is where you need to look for the image code. (marked in green)
That highlighted section is where you'll put the image url you gathered.

18 by QueenLlamacornCake

Don't forget to change the link code to the url from the place you got your image.

19 by QueenLlamacornCake

And you should be set.


Now lets say you changed your image, but you don't like the size.

6 by QueenLlamacornCake

Mr. Handy Window is cool and all, but he needs to be a bit bigger in my opinion.

7 by QueenLlamacornCake

Find the image code, and look near the end

< img src =" blablablablaba " align ="right" width ="100" height ="100" >

'Align' sets where the image sits. Try setting it to the left, right, or centre.
(Note: you have to spell centre 'center' for it to work correctly)
'Width' sets how wide the image is.
'Height' sets the height

8 by QueenLlamacornCake

I want to make Mr. Handy Window taller. I've changed his height to 200.

9 by QueenLlamacornCake

and taller he is.

10 by QueenLlamacornCake

I want to make him wider too. I've set his measurements to 180.

11 by QueenLlamacornCake


(He's also more square, so he doesn't break that < hr >)

12 by QueenLlamacornCake

I think I've changed Mr. Handy Widow too much. 
Our relationship isn't working out.

Find the start of the link code, and remove everything down to the link breaker for a clean breakup.

13 by QueenLlamacornCake

Our love was pure, but it didn't last long, Mr. Window.


I just want to address this problem I've seen more often than I can count because it makes my eyes bleed.

20 by QueenLlamacornCake

You have a perfectly good section.
But you need to remove some text.
You have full body commissions, but you don't have those other ones.
But if you just remove the text this happens:

 21 by QueenLlamacornCake

 *The line moved up to fill that space and now things look messy*

To fix this, add < br >
< br > adds a space to the code - it breaks a section up without a line.

22 by QueenLlamacornCake

Add < br > to your text box and

23 by QueenLlamacornCake

No more mess!

EDIT: Okay so, youtube videos, am I right? They're very cool.

To embed a youtube video you need this code:
< da:embed profile="youtube" id="                " height="    " width="    " >

You can make the height and width whatever. I usually use 20 for the height when I want it to be small, 50(or 35)x50 when I want a button size, and anything larger when I'm not just using the thing for music.

To add the song/video, choose the new youtube video you want, and then look 
at the end of the url.
There should be something like:

Grab those letters after the "v=" and put those in the ID section.
Like: < da:embed profile="youtube" id="NRGagjUJyOI" height="20" length="55" >
That'll change the video.

24 by QueenLlamacornCake

See also:

How to use those codes you've been seeing.

There's a summer secret Santa happening and I want in.
The Christmas swap was really fun, and I hope that this one turns out well too!

Bullet; Red Username: QueenLlamacornCake
Bullet; Green Drawing style: Mixed. I can try doing feral, I can do anthro and humanoid. I'm willing to do anything you throw my way.
Bullet; Red Traditional or digital illustration: Either is fine!
Bullet; Green Preferred media that you would like to use: Digital.
Bullet; Red Character(s): Choose whichever you're most comfortable drawing! 
(Pony) Cake: X X - (Female Humanoid) Florine: X X - (Furry) Martin X X X - (Male Humanoid) Diablos: X X X X
Bullet; Green Theme: Anything fun or playful! Just a theme that's generally happy.
Bullet; Red Anything that you would like to add?: Feel free to simplify any character as much as you need. The design doesn't have to be exact.
Please don't stress about anything! Take your time, and do your best. I am super easy to please.

This is a small tutorial to help out anyone that isn't fully up to date on this.

um yeah.
I'm not good at intros.
Here we go.

Step One by QueenLlamacornCake

Step one: Change whatever thing you have as your featured deviation to a 1x1 image.
This isn't necessary, it just looks nicer this way.

Step Two by QueenLlamacornCake

Now your page should look like this.

Step two: Find the code you want to use

Step Three by QueenLlamacornCake

There are plenty of free codes on da.
If you're a non core member- look for the codes only using html.

Codes with CSS:   Codes using only HTML:
Core Codes by QueenLlamacornCake   Non Core by QueenLlamacornCake

Step Three Pt 2 by QueenLlamacornCake

Step two and a half: Click the link in the description of the code you want to use.
See that link? Yeah, click that.

Step Four by QueenLlamacornCake

Step three: Copy the code linked in the description.
Make sure you copy all of the code. 

Step Five by QueenLlamacornCake

Step four: paste the code into the description section of your featured deviation.

Final Step by QueenLlamacornCake

Step five: Profit.
Um yeah that's it.

Note: You do this same thing for every code. It's the same process if you want it in your pointbox section or DA ID.

Code collections you can look through:

 X  X  X  X  X  X

See also:

You tube embed
How to edit those codes you've been using.


Galaxy by QueenLlamacornCake

On a plantation that grew cotton and sweet potatoes, an elf and a centaur fell in love.
The master of the land was never kind, but not too much trouble to his slaves.
The centaur and the elf joined together, and had one child: a small centaur with pointed ears and a shock of red fuzz running all around her soft head. 
Her doe eyes were of a rich, dark chocolate tone, and her short tail showed off it's crimson hue.
The parents were overjoyed for someone to share their love with, but were worried about the world their offspring would inherent, as the war between monsters and humans was still in full swing.
Most of the slaves were in the slave quarter taking shelter from their masters newfound, unbridled rage after discovering that the humans had just lost an important battle.
He had killed four monsters already, and he was going to kill more.
The centaur and the elf knew that this was the end of their road, so they hid their sleeping infant in a hole hidden under a floorboard.
There the innocent youth slept while the rampaging human broke into the slave quarters and slaughtered 35 souls, including the younglings parents.
By the time his anger settled, the human master had commanded the three slaves that he knew were still alive to clean his mess; however, there was a fourth slave he had forgotten.
This slave was an older Faun woman, that never really stood out from the bunch.
Her name was "Amhi."
Amhi was helping her fellows clean the slave quarters when she heard a cry coming from below.
Making sure no one saw her, Amhi pulled up the floorboards and discovered the restless being trying to stretch her legs.
A strong maternal instinct overcame Amhi, so she took the youngling in her arms and snuck to the nearby wooden shelves to grab a blanket or two.
She then snuck out from the slave quarters and made her way to the wooded area near the edge of the masters property.
Amhi looked back at the only land that she had ever known just one time.
In her own way, she was saying "Goodbye."
Then Amhi ran, clinging to the bundle of hope in her arms for dear life.
She walked for what seemed like forever through the trees and bushes, making sure to stay deep enough in the wooded area so there would be no chance that a soul could see her.
Day became night, and night grew into day again.
Incontented stomachs began to demand more than just berries.
The calm centuar-mix became restless, and hope seemed to be lost until Amhi stumbled upon a round, dilapidated home in the middle of a small clearing between the thick, green trees.
Amhi had found a home for her and her adopted youth; and although it would take much work to maintain, it would be theirs; and that's all she could have ever wanted.
She settled into the home, and fed the child once more before realising that she had yet to give it a name.
After careful thought, Amhi found the perfect name for a child such as this.
She would name her new neonate, "Naji."

Years passed.
Amhi grew old, Naji grew up.
At only eight years old, Naji had lived to see the end of the war as her birth parents had hoped; however, she would also see the hate and terror that would come about from the restless souls on the island after the war, as Amhi feared.
Amhi taught Naji to be kind and brave, and did what she could to teach Naji how to survive.
Amhi would say, "Sometimes you can't walk into the heat of battle, you can't just do what you feel is right. You need to have a plan. You need a Strategy. That is your main key to living in this world." "Plan your actions my child, plan each one. Get better at planning, and plan some more." "Think, and then do."
Naji wisely listened to her adoptive mother, and worked on planning each move she would make. She planned out how she would eat the sweets her mother would give her, she planned ahead and saved all the coins and shiny items she could sometimes find in the woods around her.
Naji and Amhi were a mother and daughter team indeed, and Naji was happy in her perpetually rotting home.

The humans in the surrounding area formed a group to avenge the humans that lost their lives in the war.
This group had only one means of bringing peace to families that lost their husbands and sons; and that was taking the lives of more husbands and sons, and their wives and daughters. This group planned a massacre against the monsters.
They saught to kill any and all monsters they could find, and they did so out of hate and revenge.
Not even Naji's remote home could escape the attention of these humans.
Naji was still small, and was able to hide before the humans came, but her mother was not as lucky.
The humans beat Amhi to an inch of her life, then poured liquor all around and over her and let their torches hit the floor.
Fire quickly took to the flamable objects littered around the house as the humans flead from the place, pesumably going to their next target.
"Naji, run! Plan your moves, watch your back! I love you much!" Amhi screamed as Naji made her way out of her hiding place.
Naji escaped the burning building with only a few cuts and minor burns; but no matter how quickly she ran, she could never escape what she saw that day, and no matter how far she sprinted, should would never be able to escape the sound of her mother's screaming.
After that, only screams of pain and terror could be heard as Naji ran for the broken door, and into the near trees.
Standing splayed as tears streamed down her face, and fear caused her fingers to shake: Naji looked at her burning home one last time.
In her own way, it was like she was saying, "Goodbye."
She ran for days, planning her moves just like her mother said; until she came across a rocky backroad. 
Naji had no clue where she was, what she was doing, or where to go. She was alone, she was afraid; but more importantly: she was unaware of the gypsy wagon creeping up behind her.
A human woman with brown curly hair and a red dress approached Naji, being sure not to scare her.
Naji knew she couldn't trust strangers, and she didn't want to approach a human, but she had nowhere else to turn, and nothing else to do.
The lady extended her hand, and Naji took it.

I've decided to put the backstory bits in my journal for now.
When I actually write a pov story, I'll upload it as literature.
This is really big for me, guys. I can't write for crap. XD
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I make my way to the large, white foyer window in our mansion for the last time; to get one final look at my surroundings before I leave on a trip of my own- and to be sure that Mother and Father are preoccupied while my good friend and I ready my wagon during breakfast.
I can see that the sky has shown itself to be a bright blue, with not a cloud to be seen.
Looking to the right, on the top of the red-orange trees I can see squirrels with four eyes and speckled tails frolicking about, letting out their usual high pitched morning roar.
I can smell the sweet nectar of the squirrels honey all the way from my window, and I begin to crave it's smooth taste.
I can hear the leaves rustle ever so slightly when a light breeze runs through them; likewise, that same breeze provokes the silk curtains of the window to softly move against my lightly calloused hand.
I note to myself that the branches near the centre of the trees aren't looking quite like themselves lately, and that they seem quite sickly- perhaps due to many of the slaves leaving and no longer tending to them like they once did.
I look down from the branches to the large, grassy plain that is our front yard.
Thousands of cold, rocky pebbles form a path from the dirt road to our house in the centre of the plain; and I can see some of the few slaves that were left, preparing to leave us in pursuit of a better life.
Suddenly, I see Mother running out from the kitchen entrance, frantic.
I can hear her shrieking insults at the former slaves, and barking out commands for them to go inside and get back to work.
I bid them a fair trip and a fond farewell from my watching place in the house.
Even the weather was pleased with their departure, as it was unusually warm for an autumn day.
I delight to see them using both hand and hoof to load their few belongings off of the dry, turquoise grass, and onto a small, wooden cart that they had made. I can barely hear it, but I can tell that they are whistling a melodious, light-hearted song as their tails sway behind them, disregarding the verbal abuse of my Mother- contented in their new freedom.
Meanwhile, nearer to the left of the plain, I see Father with a few of his lodge buddies in their light brown shirts with short slaves, trying to decipher how one goes about chopping wood for the fireplace- something none of the men had had to do before.
The scent of warm vanilla draws my attention away from the window, and my great friend (and former slave) Nathaniel walks into the room, informing me that breakfast has been prepared. I, in turn, inform him that Mother and Father have been thoroughly distracted for a time, and that we can proceed with our plans for adventure, and likewise: our plans for freedom.
This was the day we would finally leave.
The sting of wanderlust burned at my heart, the cruelty of my parents triggered my sense of justice. 
There was work to be done in this world, and even if no one else wanted to do it, I would.

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  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Available 24/7 at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).
  • Crisis Text Line: Free, 24/7 support for anyone in need. Text START to 741741.
  • IMALIVE: Chat confidentially with a volunteer trained in crisis intervention.
  • American Psychological Association: A resource for finding mental health care in your area.
  • NEDA: Help and support for people struggling with eating disorders. You can call 1-800-931-2237 or chat with them online.
  • To Write Love On Her Arms (twloha): Dedicated to helping people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide.
  • You Matter (@youmatterlifeline): You Matter was created to let people know that suicide is preventable.
  • NAMI (@namiorg): Dedicated to improving the lives of anyone living with mental illness. Free to chat at 1-800-950-6264.
  • The Trevor Project (TheTrevorProject): Confidential suicide hotline for LGBTQ+ young people. Available 24/7 at 1-866-488-7386.
  • It Gets Better Project (@itgetsbetterproject): Communicating to LGBTQ+ youth around the world that it gets better.
Happy world suicide prevention day!
I had big plans for the whole week leading up to today, but then life slapped me in the face.
Regardless, I just want anyone reading this to know that if you need me I'm there for you.
You are not a waste of space, and you are not unimportant. 
You are much stronger than you think, and you will get through this.
You are not a bad person if you have depression or anxiety or anything like that. 
You didn't ask for these things to happen to you, but you keep soldering on anyway, and that is the most amazing thing I've ever known. 
You are the most amazing thing I've ever known.
I believe in you.

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  Ocs: Rosalynd (X) (X) - Diablos (X) (X) - Tellie (X) (X) - Reggie: (X) (X) Aiden: (X) (X)
Bullet; Red Themes: Something Christmas themed. Whatever Christmas means to you. Don't stress over anything, I'm super easy to please.
Bullet; Green Anything that you would like to add?: I am a noob artist! There are a lot of things I don't know. Please forgive me if I can't draw what you wish very well.
I will do my best!

Thank you to the people that are organising this.
It takes a lot of work to run something like this, I'm glad you took the effort. If you need anything, let me know.
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