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Spider Mom by QueenLlamacornCake Spider Mom by QueenLlamacornCake
Made this for our weekly October drawing prompt.
I like her though.

Charlotte is a single mother of five kids, who used to live in a bad area littered with crime, unable to pay for food or a better apartment.
After one of her kids was brutalized and murdered while they were still very young, Charlotte took it upon herself to clean the streets of her city.
Hunting down the worst she could find, Charlotte killed her prey and used the meat to feed her family and others.

She grew addicted to the taste after a while, and kept up the hunt long after she was able to afford a better life for her family.
Even going so far as to open a small diner using said meats as her own "special ingredient" after her kids left home.

Although she can be quick tempered, Charlotte is a generally nice individual.
She's always ready to listen to your problems and try to help, and she tries to treat everyone with respect.

Just don't do anything she considers vile and you'll be safe in her care.

* Won't kill innocent people for her baked goods.
* P much a low key vigilante at this point tbh
* "Gluten can't hurt you, dear!"
* Like Florene, but more murdery and a member of the darkness.
* Older than she looks
* "Don't be afraid to use the kidneys! Cook them right, slice them thin and they can improve any dish."
* Is an actual mom.
* Her children are grown though. They don't visit much anymore.
* Stitches aren't an actual part of character design. (I need to make a ref)
* Chaotic good

// Probably going to group her, Sooky, and Sabrina into a batch of Halloween oc's //


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October 20, 2017
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