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Reggie Lynn by QueenLlamacornCake Reggie Lynn by QueenLlamacornCake
I finally drew the thing!
Reggie is the personification of true religion (As described in James 1:27 KJV Bible)

"- to keep himself unspotted from the world." Basically means that you'll remain different from everyone else. You'll walk the righteous path, no matter what happens around you.

I wanted Reggie to be a human of sorts, having human flaws and quirks, but really being the holiest she could be.
You see, religion isn't what saves you, religion is a sort of law you bind yourself with willingly, It's a promise to God to follow His commandments.
I'll repeat: religion doesn't save a person, it's not what gets them to heaven, in that same way, Reggie isn't a Christ like Savour figure, she's more of the best role model you could get.

She has had a cursing problem in the far past along with anger issues.
Although she still feels irrationally angry all the time, Reggie has much better control of her anger, and no longer curses.

Sometimes however, people push her too far and she reverts to her old ways, running on an adrenaline high. 
Once she cools down, she becomes very sorrowful and repentant and takes a few days alone for silent prayer.

Reggie is not at all fond of Tellie, but she wouldn't go so far as to hate someone.
She really just wants Tellie to clean up her act, and she feels that she could be a wonderful influence if she would repent.

Reggie will fade away into nothing more than a mere thought at the same time Diablos is cast into the lake of fire. Reggie is very accepting with her fate.

If you ask Reggie her sexuality or anything regarding her weight, scars, or past problems, Reggie will avoid the question, insisting that she doesn't say only because she wants attention to go her Creator, not her mortal self. However she is willing to talk about them if she feels it will benefit a particular person spiritually.

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