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Pony. Pony self. Ponsona. Ponysona. Ponself? by QueenLlamacornCake Pony. Pony self. Ponsona. Ponysona. Ponself? by QueenLlamacornCake
I swear, I was going to finish it with shading but-
I got tired, ya know?
Onion Boy 6 

Anyway, this is me as a pony. Again.
Round two. 

I've improved a lot.
When I started, I couldn't find a brush on Autodesk Sketchbook -which was all I used at the time- that I liked, and I was super afraid to do lineart.
I had this long process of taking a scan of one of my traditional sketches, and erasing the lines and the dirt on the sketch scan until it looked okay.
It took forever to do, and my lines weren't even that great even after I put a tonne of effort into it.
I did eventually find a brush, though.
And yeah.

I did improve a lot since August 2016. It's insane how different my art looks.


Some changes to the design:

• No more creepy eye.
• Unified, lighter colours 
• I'm a bloody queen, I get to have the royal pony height and horn. Deal with it. (I used "Princess Sparkle" as a reference.)
• Candy coatings don't work in MLP, so I left them out. However, the sprinkles are still there.
• Cutey mark is just base colours, no brain squiggles.
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January 10, 2017
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