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Other Stories:

Here are some of the comics-prose and manga stories I have drawn and written over the years. Some of them are published with publishers, and can be bought at the links provided. Most of these stories are in 'comics-prose', a format that mixes prose with comics.

Short Ghost Stories: The Man with the Axe in his Back

4 short, comics-prose horror stories that you can purchase online @ $4.99 on Amazon, Smashwords, Apple iBooks and Nook. You can sample the stories here:

The Dreaming: Perfect Collection

A 3-book mystery-horror series about schoolgirls disappearing in the Australian bush. Twin sisters Jeanie and Amber race against time to uncover the mystery of "The Dreaming". You can purchase book 3 on Amazon, Comixology or

You can read volumes 1-2 (of 3) here.

Legend of Zelda: The Edge and the Light

This is a fanfiction I did based on the "Legend of Zelda" game series from Nintendo. The story centers on Link returning to Hyrule from a long absence, only to discover the land in peril and a missing Princess Zelda. Just what is the threat to Hyrule, and why did Princess Zelda leave?

You can read all of it here.


The Barrett Manor and its Owners
This was my first time painting a background in Clip Studio. It looks much like what I was going for, and the fact that it was kept completely in pencils means that I can produce a colour manga quicker since it won't involve inking. It was a revelation - I can digital paint to pencils only! Wow! Very exciting. The school in "The Dreaming" would look like this if it were in colour, by the way.
Barret Twins and Erin
I'm learning to use Clip Studio to so some colouring in. I'm new at this, but this looks pretty good for a first attempt! This is also a character design done for a story that I've been brewing. It came very quickly, and is set in a universe close to "The Dreaming", hence it's set in the Australian bush. I think the Australian bush has always had a very unusual look in terms of colours, so I hope to get better at this. This is also meant to look like old-school shoujo by the way, so a different feel.


QueenieChan's Profile Picture
Queenie Chan
Artist | Professional | Varied
Hi all! I was originally born in Hong Kong, and moved to Australia when I was 6 years old. My first published work was the three-book series "The Dreaming" in 2004 with publisher TOKYOPOP, and since then, I've worked with author Dean Koontz on graphic novel prequels to his series "Odd Thomas". The series became a NYT Best-seller, and afterwards, I worked on "Small Shen", a prequel to best-selling author Kylie Chan's "White Tiger" Chinese fantasy series.

I'm also author-artist of many books and short stories on my website. I'm currently working on "Fabled Kingdom", which is a 3-book fairytale-inspired fantasy series. It's done in comics-prose, and the second installment should be out in February 2015!
Fabled Kingdom - Book 3 Cover by QueenieChan

The Fabled Kingdom book, Book 8of10, is now available on Smashwords. This is for book3, chapters 16-17 (of 21), and is available for USD$1.69 to read in PDF, EPUB or just plain HTML format.

Apart from that, I've not had any time to work on "Fabled Kingdom" this week - in fact, I have decided to suspend work on "Fabled Kingdom" for the month of June. This is because of the avalanche of work that's been happening this month, that involves:

Massive June 2016 Blowout

1) The launch of "The BentoNet" on the 25th June. It's finally here, folks!
2) The launch of "The BentoNet" library buying program. I'm already working on that for Ashfield Library!
3) My first art exhibition on the 25th June. Getting prints and frames done!
4) My second art exhibition on the 4th July. Prints done, doing frames myself.
5) Being special guest at Continuum 2016, a sci-fi con next weekend
6) Being special guest at Supanova Sydney, the weekend after
7) Getting the first 3 chapters of book 3 copy editted.

I'm really excited about doing art exhibitions for the first time, but the preparation work is unbelievable. It's really time-consuming, and I don't want to do a subpar job on either my art exhibitions or on "Fabled Kingdom". It's a good thing I'm getting the first 3 chapters of book 3 copyedited right now, because this is the crucial home stretch, and copyediting at this stage can help spot logical errors and story errors before I do the last 4 chapters.

For that reason, I will have to delay the release of "Fabled Kingdom" v3 for up to 4 months, meaning that book 3 will be available in April 2016. I'm disappointed, but it's for the better.


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Scissoria Featured By Owner May 22, 2018
I just started reading your Zelda comic. So far I am loving it. I was wondering, how did you learn to write these stories? I mean the pacing and such. Do you ever get your mind all jumbled up, trying to organize a story to be understandable.
QueenieChan Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2018  Professional General Artist
Hey, sorry for the late reply. I haven't been checking my deviantart account lately.
To answer your question, I started writing these stories just like that - randomly. It seemed to "click" for me pretty quickly - not true for everyone I suppose. I don't really get my mind jumbled up, because I mostly approach it as comics first, and then reverse engineer parts of it to make prose.
Gendgi Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017
Amazing work, will follow it for sure!
QueenieChan Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017  Professional General Artist
Thanks a lot. :D Hope you enjoy it!
Doodlebotbop Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I just had the extreme pleasure of reading your amazing comic/novel on Smackjeeves and I LOVED it! I'm not a huge Legend of Zelda buff, but I recently dated someone who was and I learned a whole lot about the history. The story you crafted was AMAZING in the humor, the descriptions, the creation of mysteries then the supreme satisfaction of having the mystery filled in by later reveals. It was SO GOOD AAASGHLDSDJFS!

Sorry, can't composure when expressing the feelings @_@
QueenieChan Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2016  Professional General Artist
Aww, thanks for that! It's wonderful to hear people say that. :D
I did the Zelda fanfic a while ago, but I still hear from a lot of people.

Glad you enjoyed it, and glad you're reading my other work too! :D

(And yes, I always appreciate it when a writer shows that they know what they're doing. Creating mysteries and explaining them later on shows that the writer has a plan in mind when they put pen to paper. I always like to read those sorts of stories, so I always try to write them too.) :D
Ether101 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2016
It's been a long time. How have you been? I'd like to say that I still plan to finish rereading The Sword and the Light for reasons that aren't completely clear it seems after saying that I would finish it my ability to concentrate took a nose dive. Anyways, is there another place to read your comics?
QueenieChan Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2016  Professional General Artist
Hehe, it's not for everyone. I imagine lots of people finished it, but lots of people didn't. Probably easier in print book form rather than online.

Hey, sure there are other places more suited to comics to read my work. There's Smackjeeves and Tapastic, where I'm uploading my latest story "Fabled Kingdom" up. :D…
Manahan-Aundrey Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2016  Student Digital Artist
oh m g!!!! i want to be just like you you are so amazing ! XD i love your comics (manga )
QueenieChan Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016  Professional General Artist
Aww, thanks. :D
Nice of you to drop by!
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