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The Undesirable Invitation-1 by QueenGwenevere The Undesirable Invitation-1 by QueenGwenevere
Right. First deviation! I think I have this thing figured out... I thiiink...

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This is Page one of a seven page mini-epic for :iconsadcat: SadCat's Haunted Palace gala contest-type-thing... I'm auditioning Vitalia to go get slaughtered-er, to attend SadCat's grisly party.

Vitalia is a character from a webcomic of mine that's still in the works (I plan to launch it officially sometime early next year, if all goes well...) What can I say about her... Let's see:
Age: 22ish
Occupation: formerly, entry-level beta-tester. Currently... chronically lost.
Personality: Slacker girl. Fairly nerdy. Lazy. Opportunistic. Prone to panic and general blithering in an emergency. Possibly capable of cleverness when no other options present themselves.
Skills: Um....... nothing remarkable, frankly.
Fighting Skills: Hardly.
Fighting Tactics: Run awaaay!
Occult Skills: Nil.

So why am I entering her when I have many other characters more capable of handling haunts? Precisely because she's incapable of dealing with ghosts! I would so love to see her try. Or die trying. Or just panic and then die... (evilness...)

I'll get the rest of the pages up as soon as I can grind them through Photoshop (why oh why did I put ALL the word balloons at funky angles? Did I think for a moment what a pain that would be to letter? No. Of course not. And they're part of the drawing, so of course I can't un-rotate them... Whee!)
PhilRey Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2007  Student General Artist
"or die trying" that reminds me of the Boondocks. They imitated 50 Cent and he says "or die trying..." after every sentence >__<
callyrose Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2007
this is fantastic!! i really hope that you get in!! i would love to see her there!XD
SADCAT Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2007  Professional Filmographer
"Or just panic and then die... "

LOL. Ooh, you understand the fine art of character torment, I see. X3
Really gorgeous work here.
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October 15, 2007
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