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Right. First deviation! I think I have this thing figured out... I thiiink...

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This is Page one of a seven page mini-epic for :iconsadcat: SadCat's Haunted Palace gala contest-type-thing... I'm auditioning Vitalia to go get slaughtered-er, to attend SadCat's grisly party.

Vitalia is a character from a webcomic of mine that's still in the works (I plan to launch it officially sometime early next year, if all goes well...) What can I say about her... Let's see:
Age: 22ish
Occupation: formerly, entry-level beta-tester. Currently... chronically lost.
Personality: Slacker girl. Fairly nerdy. Lazy. Opportunistic. Prone to panic and general blithering in an emergency. Possibly capable of cleverness when no other options present themselves.
Skills: Um....... nothing remarkable, frankly.
Fighting Skills: Hardly.
Fighting Tactics: Run awaaay!
Occult Skills: Nil.

So why am I entering her when I have many other characters more capable of handling haunts? Precisely because she's incapable of dealing with ghosts! I would so love to see her try. Or die trying. Or just panic and then die... (evilness...)

I'll get the rest of the pages up as soon as I can grind them through Photoshop (why oh why did I put ALL the word balloons at funky angles? Did I think for a moment what a pain that would be to letter? No. Of course not. And they're part of the drawing, so of course I can't un-rotate them... Whee!)
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"or die trying" that reminds me of the Boondocks. They imitated 50 Cent and he says "or die trying..." after every sentence >__<