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Audition for :iconrogue-skies:

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Yes, I'm auditioning for Rogue Skies. I must be crazy. But... but... STEAMPUNK SKY PIRATES! I can't resist.

Of course, given the potential competition, I may not last long anyway. Assuming I get in at all...

I'm auditioning Myriad Mayhem, a brigand with an ever-growing collection of cats.

A "skimmer" in this world is a small aircraft... Flying gadgets are comparatively new and expensive, and as such usually belong to the very rich...

Or to whoever can get their devious hands on them. ;)

Meh, I didn't have time to ink these after all.. and now I need to finish my Nightmare entry. Oh well, I tried to make them look decent anyway (hope they're good enough.)

Myriad and Minuit are copyright :iconqueengwenevere:
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Oh, I like the sepia/rusty tone of this, it adds to teh steampunk-ish feel of the world. (I actually need ot do further investigating on the RS scene. Hm.) HOw do all your characters come across such fancy hats? Well not all of them... XD YAY KITTIES.