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POW Challenge-Amy's Doll

Yet another cover for the "Five Comic Covers" challenge on

This one had another very minimal brief - we were given the title "Amy's Doll", and that's it. Not much to go on, but somehow I contrived to twist it into something creepy. That's my job. :XD:

This one is traditional inking with digital coloring. I was trying out a somewhat different inking style on this one, with lots more shading than I usually do... Turned out to be rather fun, I think I should do more of that.

You can see some of the studies I did for this on my sketch blog...

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Genius! Colorful! Gorgeous! Incredible!
QueenGwenevere's avatar
Thanks! Glad you like it! =D (Gotta admit, I like how it turned out, myself...)
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Hee, thanks! =D

Though, believe me, that brief sure had me stumped for a while... "Huh? What? Amy's... Doll...? What the heck kind of comic title is Amy's Doll!?" :XD:
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I love how you took two words and made them into an amazing cover. ^ ^ :+fav: on this . . . oh, and yes, the dramatic shading's really cool.
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Thanks! =D (And I seriously can't think of two more totally undramatic words for a title. I think they were chosen on purpose to test us, or something.)
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Agreed; you passed the test with flying colors. ^.^
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The heavy inks really give it that horror-atmosphere, so you've really hit it home there. :D Is it brush-inking? it looks like it.
QueenGwenevere's avatar
Yep, all the black is good old-fashioned brush and ink on paper... (except a little Micron pen for some of the straight lines...)
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Brush-inking is fun - though I tend to prefer brush-pens, since they have the line-quality of a brush, with a bit more control over it. :)
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Oh my goodness, I love this idea! I especially the perspective and shadows here!
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Thanks! :) I actually did some life studies for this one to try and get the shadows right...
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