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Easter Playbunny from Hell



Yes, it's that time of year again! Happy (Late) Fanservice Day! :dummy:

Why yes, April 1 is Fanservice Day, I thought everyone knew that! ;) A grand old tradition, as of, er, about two years and maybe a dozen people... But it's a proud tradition, and I'm sticking with it!

And of course Erroneous is the perfect poster boy/girl for Fanservice Day, as always. This time, with an Easter twist! It's the evil Playbunny that eats knights at the entrance of a cave! :XD: (And damsels, too. Or whoever's available.) The ears and fluffy tail are probably real. And I suppose the sinister bunny in the background is the fully shape-shifted Evil Bunny mode... (Sorry, no, the pink ribbon does NOT help.)
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I love Erroneous as a character. He's so fun and whimsical! Always entertaining when he's involved.