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EALEC: Double Trouble 01

EA-LEC Doppelganger Mission: "Double Trouble" - Page 1 of 16

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Yes, I'm attempting to complete another EA-LEC mission! No, I shouldn't be doing this! But the theme is... doppelgangers. I couldn't resist. :XD:

Just what I need, more projects on top of my unfinished projects, ahahaha... ha... ^^; Oh but come on, I simply couldn't miss this mission, not with a theme like that.

(Yes I'll finish the other EA-LEC stuff I started! Really! After this! GYAH!)

ANYway... we start as usual with Erro annoying Bogus in the Heroes' Hideout. It's their daily routine. :XD:

Erroneous is copyright :iconqueengwenevere:

Bogus and Miss Corporate are copyright :icondiana-hnd:

For :iconea-lec:
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diana-hnd's avatar
Those incredulous expressions on Bogus are priceless. *Snrk.*
QueenGwenevere's avatar
Bogus is mighty expressive for a guy with almost no face...

(Those are some of my favorite panels in this thing...) :XD:
Tinyhammer's avatar
>__> If you got the genders right, it wouldn't had mattered, Erro.
QueenGwenevere's avatar
Bogus isn't buying it no matter what... ^^;
clamchowda's avatar
He's like a sheep, this guy. How does he remember to keep breathing?
QueenGwenevere's avatar
A... sheep...? What who huh how? ^^;
clamchowda's avatar
A sheep. Ovis aries. A ruminant mammal known for giving wool and being outsmarted by rocks on a regular basis.

He's dumb.
QueenGwenevere's avatar
Ah, right, gotcha. (Speaking of brains not functioning...) ^^;

He's a bimbo, whatdya expect? The material that could've gone into brain cells went into hair instead...
clamchowda's avatar
I know how to fix that, but I have a feeling Erro would object to the necessary hired help on aesthetic grounds. Or possibly because he'd think Igor is a silly name.
ClosetExtrovert's avatar
Maybe if you referred to the correct gender traits, Erro... better luck next time!
QueenGwenevere's avatar
I don't think it'd be convincing either way... ^^; (Dude is totally incapable of looking innocent...)
ClosetExtrovert's avatar
That's true... not sure whether or not it's good that he's unconvincing, though. X'D
Cascade-Kirby's avatar
Ahehehe. Hehehehe...
I giggled so much at this page. What're you up to, Erro?
QueenGwenevere's avatar
Up to no good, of course! :XD:
Absolute-Sero's avatar
YES! ♥ I mean.. one Erroneous is already too much to handle, right?
*rubs hands together* Can't wait to see the rest. :D
QueenGwenevere's avatar
Workin' on it! Be prepared for Erro Overdose... :XD:
Absolute-Sero's avatar
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