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Okay, this is my audition for the Byako round robin Tournament that :icongreenfrostfire: is putting on...

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So the deal is, we're supposed to show our OC getting a pizza and an invitation to the Byako Tournament from a plushie version of themselves. Yup. So that's what we've got here! Also we're supposed to explicitly mention what's on the pizza...

This character is Footloose, also known as "Scruffy", "Shaggy", "Scrappy", or "Hey you get outta there put that down HEY GET BACK HERE!"

Footloose is basically a vagabond, of unknown age and devil-may-care disposition. She usually runs with a gang of bandits, and spends most of her time thieving and scrapping and generally goofing off...
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OMG BEAUTIFUL!!! *jaw drop* holy friggin terd mufins! incredible! Good luck in the competition!