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Artists at the Ready - The Return! :: Round Four: Deco Delirium

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It begins again! Round four versus *CloudSlide! Who's gonna slaughter me in a big way, but at least I'd like to go down with a good rousing solid entry... (You don't know how close this came to forfeit.)

Also I wanted to tie together some of the craziness that went on in my first three episodes, and give some clue of where it's all going (since I'm probably going to get crushed this round, so there goes the rest of my plot...)

Don't ask me how this got done at all. I got whacked with a crazy job that had me doing crunch time for two months, so I barely had time to work on this. I mean, AT ALL. Seriously, except for some plotting and scripting in December during the holidays, the entire episode was whomped out in the last two weeks... So I've gone straight from solid crunch time for work to solid crunch time to finish this sucker, ahahahaaaaaa I DON'T REMEMBER WHAT SLEEP IS LIKE. And I need a shower. Badly.

But somehow I've managed to do inks or finished pencil work for pretty much this entire thing, at the usual page count. DON'T ASK ME HOW, I still don't know... :o

Remind me not to do that again. I NEED SLEEP.

Anyway, here we go...

Or wait, here we don't go? Looks like there's a last-minute extension. OOOOKAAAYY... :stare: Well. Then I guess I won't inundate you with all the pages at once. I suppose I'll take some time now to clean things up and fix mistakes. (But dang, yo... I was kinda looking forward to getting this thing out of my hair tonight.)

Me, Erroneous, Obsidian, and Iris are copyright :iconqueengwenevere:

Emily and Cloudslide are copyright :iconcloudslide:

Moe, Legato, and Aluhnim are copyright :iconaluhnim:

The White Rabbit is copyright :iconjongbom:

Reference Links:
Cloudslide's version of the White Rabbit, which I've based my version on (with some mods...)
Moe Hawk
Legato Carollee

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Hang in there Miss Gwen! Hope you're not tooooo stressed out right now. ;n;