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:iconartists-at-the-ready: Artists at the Ready - The Return!
Prologue : Framed!

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WE'RE BACK! =D Don't know why, because this is crazy, but... I just had to attempt a sequel! So here's... The Return of the Son of the Revenge of the Real! :woohoo:

(Of course, if I don't make it in, it'll be a really short sequel.)

And again, I haven't really read the message, so I have no clue (who reads receipts?) And once more... yes, I had to pay admission to get into the Real. :|

I didn't think I'd be able to enter at all, but a little time freed up at the very last minute, so I thought, what the hell, let's do this! So I sketched most of the pages and inked everything the day before it was due. I don't think I've ever inked that fast. (And that includes this here page with the facade of the Metropolitan Museum in all its gory fiddly detail...) Remind me not to attempt that again. :O

If anything looks a little wonky, that's why... ^^;

This all makes the most sense if you've read the previous entries from the first AATR tournament - though it isn't necessarily required. (Hopefully it'll make some sort of sense regardless.)

All the Episodes from the First AATR Tournament:
The Audition - Transit Trouble
Round One - Suicide Express
Round Two - Fire Island
Round Three - Blood and Thunder
Round Four - Rogues and Reptiles
Round Five - Dragonflight

Reference Links:

Me, Erroneous, Obsidian, and Iris are copyright :iconqueengwenevere:
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BleaOneNaruCat17's avatar
Yay! You're back in the REAL! :D I kind of wandered off in my own world and didn't notice until now. ^^;
QueenGwenevere's avatar
We're back! Ready or not! =D

(pff, you're more on top of things than me, I'm waaaay behind keeping up with my devwatch...)
BleaOneNaruCat17's avatar
Yay! ^_^

(heh, I tend to skim through the deviations that interest me and look at those most of the time. ^^;)
azurespiritwolf's avatar
oh gawd part two of yer troubles xD -so gonna stalk 24/7 again
QueenGwenevere's avatar
Just when we all thought we were safe, the sequel strikes! :XD:
epicheather's avatar
: D YAAAY! You're back to the Real! Super excited!
QueenGwenevere's avatar
Assuming they let me in, yep! =D Oh man, I hope I get in, if I do I can promise it'll be crazier than ever...
Sachi-Nakata's avatar
Best news ever!! :excited:
QueenGwenevere's avatar
I couldn't resist... =D
Sachi-Nakata's avatar
And I'am glad you couldn't XD
kamethehermit's avatar
good luck to you!=)
QueenGwenevere's avatar
Thanks! Same to you! If they let us both in, maybe we'll have a match! :highfive:
Oly-RRR's avatar
Oh mannnnn you are doing it! :woohoo:

I have really mixed feelings because I'm REALLY happy to read more of you AatR comics but I'm also quite sad because I didn't enter and won't get to play around with a ton of cool characters and fellow artists. Of all the OCTs in all the times... See, I have thesis defense on Friday so things have been hectic.
QueenGwenevere's avatar
I am! I probably shouldn't, but I couldn't resist! :excited:

Aw, I was hoping you might have a chance to do it, but... yeah. Time is always a problem. I think a lot of people missed the audition because it conflicted with college finals. (I almost didn't enter - up until this week, I didn't have any time at all, so I was sure I'd have to miss it.)

Thesis defense? That sounds ominous. :o
Oly-RRR's avatar
It was pretty ominous! Good thing it's over. :)

And it's amazing how you inked it all on time!
Hukkanaama's avatar
You're doing AATR again? Sweet! :woohoo: Truth to be told, I've missed your comics. And Erroneus. And Iris. And her humongous axe.

That museum facade is pretty awesome, by the way.
QueenGwenevere's avatar
I missed the old Team of Doom, myself. I've been doing too much solo Erroneous lately, it'll be fun to mix him with the Iris and Obsidian combo again. SPARKS WILL FLY! =D I hope they let me in... I have so many plans for this thing... :plotting:

Ha ha, that facade... There I was with 24 hours to do the entire audition, and what do I do, I decide to put a really complicated building on the first page. ^^; (I love that museum, though.)
falingard's avatar
Oh no you didn't!
QueenGwenevere's avatar
BuuWho's avatar
Yaaay! Gwen's back!
Always loved your style~
QueenGwenevere's avatar
Back and ready for anything! Maybe... =D

(Heh, I wish my style was a little faster to do, though... It would make these things a lot easier.)
Ryuu-Hana's avatar
You're doing AATR? This is the bestest thing ever.
QueenGwenevere's avatar
Taking a shot at it, anyway... If they let me in, I have such plans for this thing... =D
Doodlee-a's avatar
WHAT! You're coming back!? CRAZY! And Corinthian columns for the win!
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