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:iconartists-at-the-ready: Artists at the Ready - The Return!
Prologue : Framed!

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WE'RE BACK! =D Don't know why, because this is crazy, but... I just had to attempt a sequel! So here's... The Return of the Son of the Revenge of the Real! :woohoo:

(Of course, if I don't make it in, it'll be a really short sequel.)

And again, I haven't really read the message, so I have no clue (who reads receipts?) And once more... yes, I had to pay admission to get into the Real. :|

I didn't think I'd be able to enter at all, but a little time freed up at the very last minute, so I thought, what the hell, let's do this! So I sketched most of the pages and inked everything the day before it was due. I don't think I've ever inked that fast. (And that includes this here page with the facade of the Metropolitan Museum in all its gory fiddly detail...) Remind me not to attempt that again. :O

If anything looks a little wonky, that's why... ^^;

This all makes the most sense if you've read the previous entries from the first AATR tournament - though it isn't necessarily required. (Hopefully it'll make some sort of sense regardless.)

All the Episodes from the First AATR Tournament:
The Audition - Transit Trouble
Round One - Suicide Express
Round Two - Fire Island
Round Three - Blood and Thunder
Round Four - Rogues and Reptiles
Round Five - Dragonflight

Reference Links:

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Yay! You're back in the REAL! :D I kind of wandered off in my own world and didn't notice until now. ^^;