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:iconthereal-oct: AUDITION - TRANSIT TROUBLE

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Yes, I'm entering Artists at the Ready! I may regret this... but it's too cool to pass up!

(For non-New Yorkers, that thing with the poles and the advertisement is a subway station. Kind of exaggerated, yes, I know.)

Me, Erroneous, Obsidian, and Iris are copyright :iconqueengwenevere:
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Be prepared for the influx of comments - I started to read your new pages and decided to re-read from the beginning (I meant to do it anyway!). :B And heh, I love how mundane it starts.
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Ah, I like comments. They keep me entertained while I'm working. :) (Even if I'm so horribly slow replying to anything lately...)

Ah yes, another day, another subway ride, ho hum, WHAT THE-!
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I'm a slow reader, you're a slow replier, IT CAN WORK OUT! :lol:
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.... OwO

I-if we both get in... On the incredibly off chance that we both get in...

WE MUST DO EPIC BATTLE AGAIN. ...*coughISwearThisIsNotMeBeingSelfishAndWantingToReadAnotherOneOfYourEpicBattleComicsNoItIsNotcough*
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That would be so many levels of awesome. The mind reels at how Erro and Teal would react to meeting each other again... :giggle:

Aside from the artist's reaction:
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XD I'd love to see their reaction, but upon spotting Erro I'd already be making a mad dash to safety.

I want that to happeeennn. But I probably won't get in, what with all those auditioners. Still though. XD
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I was curious, how long on average does it take you to do a page like this from start to finish?

Looks great btw. =)
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Start to finish, huh? Hard to gauge, since I usually do things in stages (all the script, then all the thumbnails, then all the blue-penciling, etc.)

But anyway, it can take a day to a week just to script and thumbnail a whole episode (depending how long and complicated it is, and how many times I rewrite things.) And then, per page, I guess two to six hours? It varies a lot, it could be a bit more or less depending how I do it and how complicated it is (architectural backgrounds make everything take longer, for one.)

Something like this inked in Photoshop takes less time than something traditionally inked, because I go straight from rough "blue-pencil" to "ink", whereas if I ink normally I like to do a fairly clear pencil drawing over my blue-pencil scribbles so I make less mistakes when I ink. If I do the final as finished-looking pencil, it takes less time than traditional inking, but more time than photoshop-inking because it takes longer to shade...

(Probably more than you needed to know. Sorry you asked? ^^; )
Dadrick's avatar
No that was perfect.

I've found that on average I'm spending about 3-4 hours per page. Since I'm new to doing comics I wasn't sure if this was normal or if I'm drawing at a snail's pace.

Thanks again for the detailed response. =)
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WARGH! I MISSED AUDITIONS~! D': That truly makes for one sad DLO...
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Nuts, that would've been cool if you'd entered too... :(
The-Diet-Elf's avatar
Yeah, I actually have the time to work on art right now too. :/ [Also, Erro sketches coming your way by this evening/tomorrow morning for approval--then I'll get to final pencils~:heart:]
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You are entering AATR too? O__O Man, a couple of my friends are also entering that tournament! It'll be nice to see how you do! ^__^
QueenGwenevere's avatar
We'll see if I even get in... They've got over 450 entries now and counting... :noes: Definitely worth trying for, though.
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