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May 27, 2017 Main Brushes



My brush set is constantly changing but I like this one so
Here's this

Small descriptions of brushes:
The first is just my watermark. You can delete that.
The second is a textured sketchy brush. At low flow, it makes a pretty nice pencil.
The third is another sketch brush when used with low flow, minus texture. Pretty good blender at low flow as well.
Fourth is a typical hard round
Fifth is a very good brush. I used it to create the fox on the left. Very good for fur, can be used for textured blending.
The sixth brush, the highlighted one, is a kind of smooth fur as well as fur detailer brush.
Seventh is a multipoint that can be used for multiple purposes.
8-9th are blending and blocking brushes. Turn down the flow to make the 8th's texture more visible.
The 10th is called grainy but it has no texture; I use it for smooth feathers mainly.
Eleventh is my soft brush
12 and 14 are brushes I don't use, but if you select them, go to the brush window and select protect texture and go to another brush (with texture turned on) it gives that brush the texture.
13 is like a hair/fur detailing brush
15-17 are my inking brushes. My most used is 16, but 15 is also a very nice one.
18 is a very soft canvas brush, I use it for paintings if I want texture or just a softer painting.
19 is used for blocking in an animal's markings.
I use 20 for clouds but you can use it as a bumpy kind of blending
21 is another I have for the texture, can also be used to block backgrounds
22 is what I used when I line watercolor paintings
23 is used for fur, low flow especially makes it look furry while still showing texture. I mainly used this one for the bust painting on the bottom right
I don't have a set use for 24 but eh
25 is my watercolor brush.
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