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Explore the vast variety of my Deviant gallery, where you find dragons, drow and a few fairies. As well as characters involved in my stories and some requested character designs that belong to other Deviant Artists.
Enjoy, and thank you for taking the time to view, fav, comment.
Please remember, if you would like to use my art, be kind and don't just take it...ask me first.

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LS Fear - Misery's Secret
        I stand still, letting the ocean breeze brush against the bare ashen
skin of my chest and take in a deep breath.  My white and purple
tresses whip about my face, caught in the same gentle wind and I'm
forced to dig deep.  I look upon the blackness of my soul and once
again find the greatest fear of my life mocking me.  My feet are
burried in the sand as I continue to take it all in and continue to
dig deeper into myself and try to tackle this darkness.
       Most everyone is afraid of something and even if I am Misery ... even
if I am the thing OTHERS are afraid of, I too know fear.  My fear is
not a person though, but an outcome;  I fear that I might FAIL.  The
world is a cold and unforgiving place and there are those I care about
that I need to protect.  The very thought that I could fail ... that
the horrible world would take th
:iconmiseryandazaelyn:MiseryandAzaelyn 4 10
Lost and Found Dragon
His wings were not working like they used to in days of old,
Slowly, inexorably, he was sinking towards the waters of the dark abyss below.
Once long ago he was described by one who knew him as a black swan, powerful in flight but silent in soul,
but no more, different dreams and perceptions made him an outcast among his own kind.
Ridicule from those not gifted with his sight were the first cuts to his soul,
silence and withdrawal were his response.
Then the one whom he thought could love him turned out to be like all the others,
Unprovoked attacks left him bewildered, confused, ever more lonely and hurt.
Caring and devotion were repaid with second place status,
How dare he take up her precious time, she had so many more important things to deal with ... than him.
Still, responsibilities, obligations, promises kept him until the dark abyss grew too close.
He would have stayed but he needed something to hold onto, no matter how small ... but there was nothing.
Now not even a welcoming s
:icondragonesque:Dragonesque 15 17
Chained by CyprithTheCat Chained :iconcypriththecat:CyprithTheCat 153 27 Good vs. Evil by Lady-Akyashaa Good vs. Evil :iconlady-akyashaa:Lady-Akyashaa 134 27
Xull'rae's Plight
Cover Art by Uneide</b>
Roughly five minutes had passed since Cogliostro and his small entourage took their leave of Narbondel's Shadow.  In their wake, the Inn's proprietor hastened to pass a message along to Xull’rae right as she prepared to leave.  How he had known her identity, cloaked as she was, had not been revealed; the room was filled with no less than forty of the proprietor's regular, somewhat loyal guests.  Xull’rae figured it would not be to her benefit to cause a ruckus in order to find out.
Reviewing the message let her know it came from a certain bladesinger that she had come to know, and it asked her to meet him at the ramshackle dwelling he'd managed to procure for himself in the Stenchstreets district as soon as was possible.  Sighing loudly to herself, Xull'rae wondered what the damnable male was doing here and what he wante
:iconxullraezauviir:XullraeZauviir 28 61
Dragon Sighted by Dragonesque Dragon Sighted :icondragonesque:Dragonesque 17 15
Chibi Summer Vacation 4
((And so we continue ))
Misery:  (wills his slender elven sword into existance) ... I've never been more excited to see you then I am right now.
Amaia:  (dressed in black pants and a blue, high collar sleeveless shirt)  I won't point out how bad that sounds.  (draws his own sword and squares off against Misery)
Misery:  At this point, I really don't care.
(The two stare at each other to have a monumental clash of blades for the ages!!)
(... until >_> )
Writer: Wait a minute ... you guys can't do this here!!
Misery:  Like bloody hell we can't!  I'm bored to hell and my girls are off doing goddess knows what ... and don't  you DARE do one of your fucking 'Elsewhere' bullshit and let me see what I'm missing out on you son of a ---
Sabal:  (completely soaked with her clothes clinging to her body tightly as she chases Azaelyn through the fountains, splashing her.  She tackles Az
:iconmiseryandazaelyn:MiseryandAzaelyn 4 12
Chibi Summer Vacation 3
((Back at it))
Maylae:  AGAIN!!
Aiko:  We rode "It's a Small World" like five times already, Maylae!
Maylae:  But there's no line!
Aiko: ... ever wonder WHY?
Maylae: ... no?
Aiko:  It's because people want to kill themselves when they ---
Maylae:  WINNIE THE POOH!!!  (Maylae points and shouts at Winnie the
Pooh as he walks around giving kids hugs and taking pictures)  Maylae
wants a picture with Pooh!
Aiko:  You are so lucky it's me you're with right now, cause that just
opens up a load of jokes >_>
Maylae: (confused) ... huh?
Aiko:  (sighing)  Nevermind.  (Aiko pulls out his camera and nods)  Go ahead.
Maylae:  HURRAY!!
Employee:  Will you two just leave already!
Ebony:  (throwing another ring and winning ... again.  He picks out a
giant mickey mouse stuffed toy and gives it to a beautiful woman who
gives him a bi
:iconmiseryandazaelyn:MiseryandAzaelyn 4 15
Chibi Summer Vacation 2
Writer:  Now ... where were we?
Maylae:  (still riding on Aiko's back, piggy back style, now wearing
mickey mouse ears)  Maylae likes Disney World!
Aiko:  Yea, but we haven't really done anythin' yet.  You spent an
hour in that story trying on different ears.
Maylae: ... so?
Ebony: ... they were the same sized hats, Maylae >_>
Maylae:  But they LOOKED different on Maylae.
Aiko:  ... except they didn't.
Maylae:  Well Maylae thought they looked different.  Besides, we had
to get one for Mr. Vyce!
Vyce: (wearing a pair of mouse ears, head bowed in shame) ... why did
only I have to get one?
Aiko and Ebony:  We're too man pretty.
Vyce: T___T
Aiko:  So what ride should we hit up first?
Maylae:  Oh oh!!  Maylae wants to do the Dumbo Ride like on the TV!
Ebony:  You want to ride Dumbo?  Well, that just happens to be what I
call my --
:iconmiseryandazaelyn:MiseryandAzaelyn 4 13
Here you will find the works of many talented Deviant Artists that I have favorited. Pay them a visit, and browse their awesome galleries. :)


Moon Angel by Blazerwiccan Moon Angel :iconblazerwiccan:Blazerwiccan 9 9 Enchanted Fairies Calendar by cosmosue Enchanted Fairies Calendar :iconcosmosue:cosmosue 404 52 2008 LS Drow Calendar by Lolth-Scourge 2008 LS Drow Calendar :iconlolth-scourge:Lolth-Scourge 10 22




January 9, 2017: I know I've been quite inactive.  So much horribleness occurred in my life since my last entry.  

I lost everything...home, car, my rendering baby sister. 😢 Losing her really destroyed me.  She was all the family I had left.  Hell, after her even felt like every friend abandoned me.

I had devoted my life to taking care of my family that now when I need employment, no one will even give me a chance.

So my life hasn't been enjoyable at all...still isn't.
But I want it known I haven't abandoned my art here. And whenever, if ever, I can get back on my feet...emotionally & financially...I'll be back if I haven't completely lost my muse.

Other News

The Wisdom Block
"Fill your bowl to the brim
and it will spill.
Keep sharpening your knife
and it will blunt.
Chase after money and security
and your heart will never unclench.
Care about people's approval
and you will be their prisoner.

Do your work, then step back.
The only path to serenity."
~Tao te Ching-9
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If you don't believe in dragons,
It is curiously true
That the dragons you disparage
Choose to not believe in you.
~ Jack Prelutsky

Current Residence: Somewhere around a corner, confused with infinity
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Fantasy
Personal Quote: "Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep."



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