The Queen's Picks 2012 Part 13: Digital Wonderland

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By QueenDevious
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The Art of Digital Drawing and Painting

Some of the most beautiful, unusual and spectacular
visual (sometimes written) art brought to you by:



This is a special viewing of some of Her Majesty's hand-picked
and most-adored pieces of art.
Visual Art of the Week listed in the exact collections where I placed
them within My own personal Faves.



I shouldn't have to remind you that faving broadens exposure.
Unfortunately, I usually have to prod featured artists to remember to favourite...

(To fave: Click Add to Favourites in the upper right corner of this page.)



Semiramis by KejaBlank
Caesar by turkill
Diablo by sakimichan
Night by LeafOfSteel Pocahontas by sakimichan
Betta Waterhorse by Lynx-Catgirl Tea Turtle by Neesha
Raistan by kittrose Catch of the Day by hopeakorento
Pincher... by CharadaBrasileiro Goddess.. by O-l-i-v-i
Fiery Love by Anyzamarah
Sorry Salvador by maxxparis Steampunk Dragon Trinket by lithriel
Armored Gorilla - 3D Creative Magazine Tutorial by Mikeypetrov Nahele by vilssonify
Ocelot (digitally painted) by VixenDra
Consuelo by dracoimagem-com Jessica and Roger Rabbit by EddieHolly
Wood nymph by NewmanD Altair - Animus Eagle by KejaBlank
Welcome to Hell by Sergey-Lesiuk Angel (light) by jameswolf

Mature Content

Pinup Killer by MartaNael
Alone by HelenKei
chess by ptakha Not a mermaid by OmriKoresh
Native American by Chuckdee
Miss Strawberry Swirl by Blush-Art:bigthumb308102426:
Dancing on Diamond Shores by keelerleah
Secret forest by JdelNido Forgotten Melody by Irulana
Paradise bird by AonikaArt
sweet yesterday by AddyRedragon

Mature Content

slumber in amythest by RomanticFae

la furia alada by 1oshuart

And this one is my FAVOURITE:

Wake up! by AlexandraKnickel

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I do.
Please fave and comment on them liberally.

Coming soon: PART 14

Don't forget to fave this journal if you are featured here. :heart:

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HelenKei's avatar
Thank you so much for featuring my work!
I'm very pleased :heart:
QueenDevious's avatar
Glad to hear it... and it's my pleasure. :aww:
Neesha's avatar
I feel so..honored... thank you so much wow.. :love:
QueenDevious's avatar
I LOVE your piece... it's so adorable! :smooch:
O-l-i-v-i's avatar
Thank you very much for featuring my goddess!))))
QueenDevious's avatar
You're very welcome. :love:
OracleX7's avatar
Hmm... Some gorgeous pieces :)
QueenDevious's avatar
VixenDra's avatar
:omg: I can't remember when any of my works was featured among so good pieces lately! Thank you so much!:tighthug:
QueenDevious's avatar
Certainly a pleasure, dear. Lovely piece. :heart:
AddyRedragon's avatar
Thank you for the feature! Much appreciated! :glomp:
Really awesome collection of artwork :clap: :love:
QueenDevious's avatar
Thank you, and of course, you're quite welcome. :rose:
KejaBlank's avatar
Thanks for the Feature!
QueenDevious's avatar
Indeed a pleasure. :blowkiss:
kittrose's avatar
Thank you very much for featuring my piece!

QueenDevious's avatar
Always a pleasure. :blowkiss:
GypsyH's avatar
Beautiful feature Queen.
QueenDevious's avatar
keelerleah's avatar
Thanks so much for including one of my paintings in this amazing feature. I feel honored to be included along with so many amazing works of art! *blush*
QueenDevious's avatar
Your work is beautiful. :heart: And, it's my pleasure.
CharadaBrasileiro's avatar
Thanks for featured... OMG!!
QueenDevious's avatar
You're very welcome. :rose:
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