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Spiderweb brushes

Okay...I'm pretty new to the whole brush-making thing which is why these might not be exactly brilliant, but hey. I wanted to make some brushes for you guys to use if you want (a few people have commented on some of my Drow pictures that they liked the spiderwebs on the border, and asked how I did it.)

So here's a little selection of spiderweb brushes for you guys. I made them on Photoshop 7 (although they might work on other versions too...although I really have no idea.)

Enjoy. Feel free to use these brushes, but please give credit. :)

22nd July '08
Holy cow! Says here that nearly 2000 of you fine people have downloaded my brushes since I put them up two years ago! :heart: Thanks a lot, guys...that's made my day. Enjoy! - maybe I should set about making some more.
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I used the brush here for a group icon: [link]

Thanks. :D
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Sweeeet! Thanks for using my brush!
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Used your lovely brushes here:
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Awesome, thanks! Glad you found them useful!
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Used the little spider to help with my friend's LJ layout: [link]
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Oh sweet! :D I'm glad my brushes have been useful!
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One word: squeeeeeeee!!
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Yay! I'm glad you like them, and I hope you find them useful.
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yay!! thanks 4 this!! i fuckin love you!! un ^^
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No problem, I hope these brushes are useful to you :D
hey i love these :P
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oh cool!!!! eek spider webs are scarey but not as scarey as running into them and knowing the spider is now missing... lol thanks glad ya made these.
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Hehe thanks, glad you like them. The +fav is much appreciated :)
yvw lmao not sure if i can get them to work but trying!!
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They're compatible with Photoshop 7.0 but you may need to play around with the brush dynamics.
tyvm I will try lmao I am still kicking around and learning.
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That's the way to get the hang of photoshop :D
ty hopefully i will get the hang of it errrr. someday
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Photoshop can be a bit like that sometimes. ^^;
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